Digital Signage and LED Screen Network Brightens Delhi, India


Origins has set up a rapidly expanding network of digital signage installed at prime locations across Delhi/NCR and Uttar Pradesh in India, where digital signage is still in its nascent stage. The digital signage network includes large-format LED screens, introducing the dynamic medium in the static media-dominated OOH space in India.

Nominating Company: Origins, Gomti Nagar, Uttar Pradesh Lucknow, India
Venue: Origins, Gomti Nagar, Uttar Pradesh Lucknow, India
Project: Origins Advertising Pvt. Ltd. – Digital OOH Network
Category: Public Spaces

Origins is a leading OOH media company in North India, and to maintain that position, the company keeps abreast of the latest technology in OOH and the DOOH market. Origins has introduced a network of digital signage in the OOH space to revolutionize the idea of advertising. Our objective in deploying the DOOH network was simple: To make Digital Out-of-Home advertising more valuable for our audiences as well as our advertisers. The design of the network, with synchronized content and displays, is aimed at enhancing the consumer and advertiser experience.

The network consists of 16 full-motion, high-definition LED screens strategically placed across Delhi/NCR and Uttar Pradesh. The network is connected to a central server while the content scheduling and distribution is through BroadSign. The research phase started early in 2014, and deployment of the screens started in mid 2014, starting with 16 screens.

The unavailability of a stable power supply in most locations posed the biggest challenge in the operation of the screens requiring alternate power supply arrangements. Unavailability, power outages or sudden surges were the challenges that had to be dealt with to run the network efficiently and prevent damage. There has been a negative opinion towards digital out-of-home in the Indian OOH market, and it does not attract advertisers as they are unconvinced about the effectiveness of digital media. Another challenge was introducing the concept of Digital OOH in the OOH space dominated hugely by static media. Therefore, to setting up a market for it and selling ad spaces on DOOH media to advertisers was not easy.

Digital Signage and LED Screen Network Brightens Delhi, IndiaSOLUTIONS
To deal with power-related issues, alternate power supply methods were arranged parallel to the installation of the screens, so they could be run on an alternate power source. Captive power solutions through one main power line supported by generator and UPS systems to ensure smooth and uninterrupted power supply to the network to keep the content running have been set up.
The company hired a dedicated team of engineers to ensure the efficient functioning of the network and trained the sales force to spread awareness about the medium. To support that, the company set up an in-house creative support team and studio to design relevant content for DOOH.
The company brought together big brands sharing screen space that popularized the medium among other advertisers.

The digital network is running successfully, making its space in the OOH arena and developing as a landmark in Delhi/NCR and Uttar Pradesh, India. Big brands like Google, Audi, Samsung, Toyota, Calvin Klein, Discovery, Tommy Hilfiger and State Bank of India are sharing screen space on a time-sharing basis, and that has been a big achievement.

Our Digital Signage Network has become highly popular among local advertisers and government entities. It has been highly appreciated by audiences as well. We have ensured that an Origins location continually adds value and drives our clients business forward.

Origins was nominated for a DSE 2016 APEX Award in the Public Spaces category.

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