Digital Signage Network Boosts Lunya Brand Awareness


This project involves an easy-to-manage, flexible digital signage network installed in New York and Santa Monica showrooms of Lunya luxury sleepwear. A couple of screens or numerous video walls, it’s critical for Lunya that setting up takes no more than 5 to 10 minutes, and the content updates in a matter of seconds. Lunya’s case study illustrates that a digital signage network can be super-flexible and allow getting through to your clients effectively without requiring an in-house team of technicians.

Nominating Company: Kitcast, Inc., Wilmington, Delaware
Venue: Lunya the Bedroom, Santa Monica, California
Project: Lunya the Bedroom
Category: Retail Environments

Simplicity is the key. One of the biggest challenges was to let the company focus on visual communication with their clients and minimize the time spent on constant technological adjustments and support. Lunya’s team was looking to create a cozy bedroom atmosphere in their showrooms, making visitors feel like they’re at home while associating themselves with these high-quality products for everyday life. The whole Lunya team was working towards this goal, so any team member needed to be able to deal with the digital signage and update the content to better engage with their customers. With Kitcast, we made it all happen. All that was needed was a TV screen, an Apple TV box and literally five minutes to get the content up and running.

Our goal was to create a versatile digital signage network that would allow Lunya’s store managers or any employees with no advanced technical skills to connect new screens with no fuss and update the content on the go. It was speed and efficiency we were after. For such a fast-growing company like Lunya, latency in delivering the result is a crucial matter. It was critical for Lunya that setting up take no more than 5 to 10 minutes and that the content updated in a matter of seconds, creating a welcoming atmosphere of an actual bedroom for all visitors.

Lunya the Bedroom pic2

To provide this kind of user experience, we opted for the Apple TV. This device, used in everyday life, has a brilliant UX, and setting it up takes no more than five minutes. It was an ideal choice for Lunya. Apple’s finest engineers spent a lot of resources to create a device suitable for both private consumers and business. Additionally, it’s hard to find a more secure and reliable solution for the company’s digital signage network. Being ultimate adepts of minimalistic design and simplicity, we built Kitcast based on these principles, which played out perfectly in tandem with Apple, creating a seamless transition from opening the TV box and setting up Apple TV to getting their own content up and running on the screens and projector walls.

We created a centralized digital signage network physically spread out on opposite U.S. coasts (Santa Monica and New York), but easily managed from one dashboard at a snap of the finger. It’s both a time- and cost-effective solution that saves Lunya a big monthly check of having a technician to handle digital signage. Intuitive design, reliable network, unlimited AWS storage for Lunya’s media, easy integration with social media, various levels of dashboard access – that’s just to name a few requests that we have addressed and successfully taken care of during this project. Lunya’s team has admitted that they are constantly being complimented about the video walls and screens, and they have significantly increased the showroom’s attendance and brand awareness.

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