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Digital Signage Press becomes world’s first WordPress Plugin for signage in the digital realm. Germany-based team behind unique plugin provides simple way for businesses to increase sales and offer excellent service to customers.

HILDESHEIM, Germany, Aug. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Digital Signage Press ( has become the world’s first digital signage WordPress plugin, offering a way for businesses to create signage that’s digital out of WordPress quickly and easily. Developed in Germany and boasting the ability to work with every HTML5-based device, the platform represents a simple way for businesses to increase sales while providing excellent service to customers, offering such features as 100 templates (landscape/portrait orientations); a Full Editor platform to design custom templates; the ability to embed YouTube videos, Twitter feeds, HTML code, menu cards and more; screen management; SMIL support for videos and a videowall function.

Packages as offered by DigitalSigangePress are broken down into three major offerings, Pro, Enterprise Agency 100 and Enterprise Agency Unlimited, with each of them boasting standard features including screen management; the ability to add custom pictures into slides; the ability to add text in different fonts, sizes and colors into slides; the ability to change background color and image of slides; automatic updates of screens on playlist changes; dashboard; the ability to embed HTML pages and YouTube videos; the ability to create HTML content in slides; custom templates; the ability to create slideshows and menu cards; SMIL video support; videowall function and scheduling of signage pages.

Additional features such as the ability to use one’s own media library with folder management and multiuser management are available only in the Enterprise Agency 100 and Enterprise Agency Unlimited packages.

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