Digital Signage Provides Window into Space Station Life


Since the decommissioning of the Space Shuttle, NASA has been looking for innovative ways to educate the public about its ongoing efforts, specifically with the International Space Station (ISS).

Nominating Company: Respario Digital Advertising Group, Dallas, Texas
Venue: StationLIFE, Washington D.C.
Project: StationLIFE
Category: Educational Environments

NASA’s challenge was communicating effectively that they are still in business. Respario’s challenge was to come up with the concept to communicate this vision and deploy it in several different types of locations.

NASA wanted a presentation in which they could show video that they were producing that depicted more of what daily life is like on the ISS, with a focus on the different personalities of the astronauts and cosmonauts. With this in mind, Respario came up with StationLIFE, which was designed and branded to fall in line with their vision. StationLIFE would be displayed in locations such as the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, temporary events such as SXSW, and other exhibits across the country with the intention of exciting, informing, and educating the public about these ongoing station expeditions and onboard science experiments.

The scope for this project required many different levels. Respario was asked to integrate multiple social media platforms into thee content, which would be shown in real-time. Next, Respario was faced with connectivity issues within the different permanent and temporary locations that StationLIFE would be viewed. Also, the physical components of the systems needed to support a seamless transition between live-streaming, fullscreen events and the standard StationLIFE feed. Finally, NASA approached Respario once again with the request to extend the StationLIFE reach further into the interactive space.

First, Respario created ISS Tracker, an on-screen experience that brings in the actual real-time latitude, longitude, altitude, trajectory and velocity of the ISS from mission control. In addition, Respario brought in more social media elements such as live tweets from the astronauts and cosmonauts living on the ISS.

Next, many of these locations do not offer consistent network connection capabilities. Respario had to create a strategy using 4G LTE routers on the back of the units to download and enable all of the content aspects of StationLIFE.

Respario implemented the ability to switch over from the StationLIFE feed to full-screen, live streaming launches, extra vehicular activity and other ISS events. This required strong network architecture to ensure seamless transitioning.

Last, Respario conceptualized StationTOUCH to address the request for a more interactive experience. This invites guests within a science center or museum to interact directly with a kiosk version of StationLIFE.

StationLIFE pic2

Digital signage allowed Respario to piece this project together by utilizing its different attributes and technology used to launch StationLIFE and StationTOUCH. Due to the incredible traffic within these museums, StationLIFE is receiving millions of views on an annual basis. We have received excellent feedback, not only from NASA, but also our museum partners that continue to request additional components and additional types of media, which has assisted in an increase in business with those locations for other types of projects. We benefit the viewer by educating them more on NASA and their space programs and to help portray that NASA is a very viable organization within the U.S. government that’s doing great work in space both on the ISS and beyond.

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