Digital Signage Rises High in Corporate High-Rises


Kuwait skyscraper chooses CAYIN for wireless elevator digital signage solutions.Taipei, Taiwan (PRWEB) October 30, 2017—Digital signage provider, CAYIN Technology, deployed a customized elevator digital signage solution to suit the commercial needs for Arraya Tower II, the 2nd highest office building in Kuwait, with partner system integrator, Strategic Solution.

In order to provide corporate tenants with the most updated information on the stock market through satellite TV, the project had a great challenge of setting up wireless connections to each of the 14 elevators.

By pairing up SMP players with Wi-Fi receivers, Strategic Solution was able to broadcast the satellite dish signal through an AV-in enabled CMS server to all the units. Wi-Fi transmitters are installed in the elevator pits then connected to the server through an internet hub.

Learn more about the complete case study at CAYIN’s website: Arraya Tower II, Kuwait

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