Digital Signage Stories – State-of-the-Art Digital Technology at Sports Experts Flagship Store


Digital Signage Stories, the official podcast of Digital Signage Expo and its editorial partner site, highlights successful digital signage projects and installations deployed around the world in a variety of different vertical markets. With this podcast, you will gain insight from industry experts to help make your own digital signage deployments successful as the industry continues to grow.

Episode 20: State-of-the-Art Digital Technology at Sports Experts Flagship Store


Show Notes: Sports Experts, the largest sports shop banner in Quebec, recently grew its Downtown Montreal location from a 40,000-square-foot space to a 60,000-square-foot space that now houses the latest technologies dedicated to the field of retail business. Thanks to help from Stingray Business, the renovated store now includes interactive mirrors, wayfinding, and most importantly, a 10-foot by 17-foot LED shoe wall that helps customers pick out the perfect fit.

The transformation of the Downtown Montreal Sports Experts location into a flagship digital destination has increased in-store traffic and sales volume as well as the average purchase amount. On this episode of Digital Signage Stories, Stingray Business’ VP of Content Jean-Stéphane joins us to share more details surrounding the renovation project. To read more case study information about this DSE 2018 APEX Award-wining deployment, click here.

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