Digital Strategy Transforms Lounge for Season Ticket Holders and VIPs


As part of our ongoing engagement at Washington D.C.’s Verizon Center, we worked with venue owner Monumental Sports & Entertainment find ways to use digital media to create a memorable and compelling fan experience at their new Etihad Airways Lounge.

Nominating Company: Sensory Interactive, Baltimore, Maryland
Venue: Verizon Center Etihad Airways Lounge, Washington D.C.
Project: Verizon Center Etihad Airways Lounge Entertainment
Category: Event Venues & Hospitality

Etihad Airways Lounge at Washington D.C.’s Verizon Center is open to season ticket holders and other VIPs, and the arena’s owner, Monumental Sports and Entertainment (MSE), wanted to create a one-of-a-kind environment that would reflect the dedication of this audience. In addition, they wanted to create a digital infrastructure capable of attracting and rewarding high-value sponsors.

The owner asked Sensory Interactive to create a digital strategy for the new space, which was a transformation of an existing VIP lounge, with the goal of creating a truly immersive environment. To accomplish this, we worked closely with the project architect to ensure that the digital displays were tightly integrated with the space’s interior design. This seamless integration gives visitors the impression that the space is completely dedicated to the experience of serious fans and to their enjoyment of the evening’s event.

To create a space that truly immerses visitors in the event experience and that has the “wow” factor expected by season ticket holders and other VIPs, we needed to use a significant number of large displays. The challenge then became how to integrate them into the space so that they worked with the architecture rather than against it. In addition, the size of the displays also created the need for a plan that spelled out how to effectively utilize all of the available screen real estate for the display of compelling content and sponsorship messages.

Verizon Center VIP lounge in D.C.SOLUTIONS
In addition to helping MSE define the range of content that is being presented on the displays, our creative content team also developed a series of design concepts that document recommendations for the content layout. This documentation establishes design standards that help system operators ensure legibility and readability, increase game-day excitement and maximize the system’s value for sponsors and advertisers.

The displays’ sophisticated content delivery system gives MSE staff the ability to push any content to any part of the display network at any time. This includes game-related content, sponsor messages or other information. The Lounge displays are a part of the broader arena-wide display program we have deployed at Verizon Center over the past few years, and we have access to all of the live, recorded and network content that is available to other components of that system.

The installation has been well received by event attendees, sponsors and Verizon Center staff. As part of the broader media program at Verizon Center, which also includes exterior LED displays and courtside elements, the digital components at Etihad Airways Lounge have played an important role in helping to establish Verizon Center as one of the nation’s most technologically advanced sports facilities.

HKS – Project Architect

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