Digital Tabletops Showcase Innit’s Connected Loft and Kitchen of the Future


Startup Innit came to Potion Design to imagine their technology for “kitchen of the future” in a retail environment. Out came The Connected Loft. The loft served to show visitors how Innit can “listen” to their food through several digital experiences. Users can utilize a tabletop to find recipes from top companies like Bon Appetit and NYTimes. The tabletop then checks dietary restrictions, available ingredients in the fridge, and even suggests recipes based on expiring ingredients.

Nominating Company: Potion Design, New York, New York
Venue: Innit Connected Loft at Pirch Soho, New York, New York
Project: Innit Connected Loft at Pirch Soho
Category: Retail Environments

Potion was given the task of helping show off Innit’s product capabilities before it hit the market. Specifically, Innit wanted to share a vision for a “kitchen of the future,” a vessel for telling the story of their brand. The target location was retail giant Pirch’s SoHo store.

As a startup whose products were not yet in the market, Innit was often changing their technology in response to changing conditions and had no active users from which to analyze active data. Similarly, Pirch was just opening a new location with relatively few insights into how their customers would use the space behavior or foot traffic leading us to guess their consumers’ needs. Potion sought to create something lasting and useful –- something that could serve as a north star of possibility for Innit’s vision as they grew.

Connected Loft pic

The Connected Loft not only leverages multiple aspects of Innit’s technology for a retail environment, but also created entirely new elements based on new modes of interaction, content management, an entirely custom UI, and huge amounts of content production. This system, including everything from the ingredients in your fridge and dynamic dietary constraints to hands-free gesture navigation for avoiding a smeared screen, served to help consumers become home chefs.

The Connected Loft became an excellent brand ambassador and storyteller for the brand as they introduced themselves to New York consumers. Indeed, in-store staff reported numerous inquiries for purchasing the system. Moreover, because the store was built around an ethos of being able to try all the in-home products, it served to create an immersive vision around the future of the kitchen as a whole, to better distill the value of its components and provide user insights on what customers responded to for a product team still in development.

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Clay Budin, Developer
Brian McGaw, Developer
Dennis Ordonez, Motion Graphics
Nathan Raabe, Motion Graphics
Miao Moy, Senior Designer
Antonio Jimenez, Designer
Richard Stewart, Production Designer
Ro Santiesteban, Production Designer

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