Directional Signage at Delhi International Airport


This is the first video wall integrated with directional signage at the most prominent and challenging location of Delhi International Airport (Terminal 3). It was commissioned successfully and became the most premium digital advertising site in the Airport with 100 percent departing traffic coverage for brands like Samsung while enhancing the visibility of existing integrated directional signage.

Nominating Company: TIM Delhi Airport Advertising Pvt. Ltd., Palam, New Delhi, India
Venue: Delhi International Airport – Terminal 3, South Delhi, Delhi, New Delhi India
Project: Delhi International Airport Video Wall
Category: Transportation

Three years ago, TIM Delhi Airport Advertising Ltd., a joint venture company of TIMES OOH & Delhi International Airport Ltd. (DIAL) for advertising business at the Airport, identified this particular location as the most fitting to place a video wall for advertising and pushed the property owner for approval of location. Being an operational airport with the highest rating for directional signage at Airport by an international agency, DIAL was reluctant to allow us to change the placement of their directional signage as they were not sure about the impact on passengers by changing the directional signage position.  There was also fear of a low rating on passenger convenience. It took three years for DIAL to give approval to design a video wall in such a way that existing directional signage impact and visibility remain intact after collecting the passenger feedback on changed dummy directional signage.

Changing the placement of main directional signage on junction of departure pier was the biggest challenge in terms of getting approval. Integrating the directional signage with video wall structure was another challenge due to lack of signage thickness. So we had to identify the thinnest possible display panels and design of thinnest frame for video wall and signage

The video wall was planned to hang from the ceiling in the only available passage to reach the departure pier and gates. So we needed to design a video wall in such a way that there was no challenge in service and troubleshooting to minimize the downtime and not disturb the passenger traffic.

The installation of the video wall on site was challenging due to low working hours and also the necessity of keeping the directional signage available for passengers during installation period.

To get the approval, we installed a dummy of the final design of with integrated signage at site, hiding the main directional signage. We kept the dummy on site for three months to collect the feedback of passengers about any difficulty due to change of position.

The solution of integrating video wall with thin directional signage in one frame and ease of service of video wall without disturbing the traffic. We chose Planar video wall screens with off board electronics, which allowed us to integrate the video wall in 5-inch thickness while placement of electronics at approachable location made the post installation service easy and off board electronics design reduced the possibility of touching the screen less compared to traditional video wall panels. On site installation was done in very planned way by simulating the installation of directional signage in frame before actual installation at site in least possible time.

The finished video wall is so impactful that Samsung signed a year-long deal for advertising on this video wall at the premium price from day one. DIAL is also quite happy with the outcome, and there is no complaint from passengers regarding any difficulty in finding directional signage and its information. This successful design and installation made it the first video wall at the Airport that is integrated with directional signage, and this has opened a new stream for new media sites with other directional signage and FIDS services.

TIM Delhi Airport Advertising was nominated for a DSE 2016 APEX Award in the Transportation category. Planar and IDDS were also partners on the project.

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