Disney Latin America Unites Office with Digital Signage


The Walt Disney Company Latin America embarked on a corporate initiative to better inform and engage employees. The company turned to digital signage to centrally manage and publish important company information so that all employees could have access to the latest messaging, company news and product launches.

Nominating Company: Haivision, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Venue: The Walt Disney Company Latin America, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Project: Walt Disney digital signage corporate initiative (One Voice TV)
Category: Business & Government Services

The Walt Disney Company is one of the world’s largest international family entertainment and media companies with multiple business segments including media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment, consumer products and interactive media. With more than 1,000 employees across Latin America, the company’s headquarters are based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With a high rotation of products, shows and new offerings, the head office wanted to simplify how the company shared information with employees, while making the content impactful.

Disney needed a platform that could easily support and communicate the company’s business strategy of “One Voice, One Vision.” The company’s main corporate goal was to present Disney as one organization sharing one vision, both internally and to the market, and build superior value and return for all—consumers, partners, employees and the community.

Originally relying on many traditional internal communication channels, like the Intranet, newsletters, posters and internal billboards, the Latin America office quickly realized that many employees weren’t reading the information or being engaged by the content. They decided to turn to a more dynamic, scalable and entertaining platform like TV and digital signage to communicate more fluidly and cohesively with employees across departments and present dynamic and entertaining content that would not only get their attention, but make an impact.

Disney Latin America decided that the best way to communicate with employees would be through a corporate channel that they would broadcast on monitors and digital signage throughout their offices. Called One Voice TV, this channel would help support their corporate strategy by unifying the message across departments, quickly sharing important corporate communications and emphasizing the brand’s identity so it was top of mind for employees.

Disney turned to systems integrator Convergencia, which offers self-serve, hosted and managed solutions for digital signage, including content creation and distribution technologies. With Convergencia’s corporate solution InMirror, which is powered by Haivision’s CoolSign digital signage solution, Disney can now mirror the company’s “One Voice, One Vision” strategy on displays and make sure the message is always delivered across its offices at the Latin America headquarters.

The Convergencia and Haivision digital signage solution provides a scalable enterprise-grade digital signage system with content management, scheduling and powerful dynamic data tools that Disney needed to tailor their digital signage messaging throughout their organization. With the solution, Disney can take One Voice TV to the next level and scale to increase the amount of content without increasing costs.

One Voice TV now incorporates video interviews of executives and managers as well as trailers for upcoming shows and movies, highlighting other company branding and messaging. Additionally, One Voice TV features dynamic content highlighting HR content, IT tips and community and corporate events.

The content effectively communicates the corporate culture at Disney and is integrated into all public areas in the office, including the office spaces, hallways/lobbies, cafeteria and recreation areas. With digital signage, Disney is able to share corporate communication messages that are visually appealing, targeted per department and scaleable across each office area. With one platform of communication, the corporate planning has been simplified and streamlined, and the solution has reduced the use of paper for printing material for billboards and other media.

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