Dispenser Management Digital Signage that Monitors Hand Sanitiser Usage & Sends Refill Alerts


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In response to the global COVID-19 crisis, NowSignage has developed a unique dispenser management solution to ensure that Hand Sanitiser Dispensers located in hospitals and public spaces are never empty.

Protecting your staff and customers is the responsibility of every employer. By installing the advanced LCD Hand Sanitiser Station, employers can play their important part in stopping the spread of infection and improving hygiene.

As part of this solution you can also utilise the NowSignage digital signage CMS, to remotely update the in-built 22” display with important public health messaging or advertising content.

Simply activate the ‘Dispenser Management’ app within your NowSignage account and if you’re using a compatible Hand Sanitiser Dispenser that is running NowSignage digital signage, then we will send automatic notifications to your account to notify you when your dispenser is running low or requires a refill of sanitiser solution. You can then extract this data by downloading usage reports to better inform future decision making and provide insight into the effective positioning across your venue.

Richard Hutchinson, Sales Director at NowSignage explains: “The world around us is having to adapt and change rapidly due to the COVID-19 crisis, and in many areas of life technology will change what is accepted as normal both temporarily, and in many cases permanently. Due to the pressure on business owners to adopt adequate social distancing, hygiene and audience regulation measures in their premises, the opportunity to combine traditional CMS-driven audience digital signage with hygiene enhancement machines such as Digital Hand Sanitisers presents an incremental growth opportunity for the channel.”

“This particular specialist market is expanding rapidly, and with governments globally beginning to mandate hygiene technology measures in many shops, offices, transportation hubs and other public spaces. The real test for the channel will be in delivering innovative, customer-centric technology solutions whilst ensuring adequate hygiene and cleansing measures are met”.

For more information please contact us on sales@nowsignage.com.

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