CASE STUDY: Display Kit Powers OOH Network with Cloud-Based Platform for Omnichannel Engagement


Radius Networks has created a digital out-of-home solution focused on engaging captive consumers when they are in high-density areas. Display Kit™ powers this OOH network with a cloud-based platform that combines digital signage with built-in interactive proximity technology and content management to create omnichannel engagement. Additionally, Display Kit is the first digital signage platform to integrate with the DoubleClick ad network to dynamically serve content in OOH, turning digital displays into revenue-generating opportunities.

Nominating Company: Radius Networks, Washington D.C., USA
Venue: Display Kit, Washington D.C., USA
Project: Display Kit
Category: Venues & Public Spaces

Radius Networks created Display Kit to provide users with an inexpensive and stable digital signage app that can be managed remotely, support any content type, deploy proximity messaging to nearby phones, and generate revenue. Additional unique features include a customizable multi-panel display layout, auto-generated content based on key value pairs, and synchronization with existing beacon networks.

Display Kit provides metrics for the complete customer journey: engaging with content screen, receiving a notification on their mobile device promoting them to take action, and clicking through to the designated landing page.

Display Kit launched in early 2017 and was quickly adopted by our clients, from NASCAR and the NFL to Albertsons and Harris Teeter. Our smart signage solution enhances the customer/fan experience, increases timely engagement with customers, drives traffic to designated areas and provides our clients with a full suite of data analytics, including dwell time, engagement and demographics.

Radius Networks has encountered several hurdles when developing Display Kit, the largest being connectivity. Without an Internet connection, it is hard to pull dynamic ads from DoubleClick. Another obstacle that Display Kit resolves is the difficulty of managing a large network of digital signage players installed around the world without having to send an employee out to the devices to change content or diagnose issues.

1. In order to solve the connectivity challenge, Radius Networks detects when the Internet connection goes down and runs pre-uploaded cached fallback images that show in place of the content. Our team is immediately notified when the network is down and works 24/7 to fix the problem remotely.
2. When building the Display Kit platform, we noted that requiring on-site intervention for content changes or troubleshooting was inefficient and costly. Instead, we built a cloud-based CMS platform where users can check on the status of all devices, do remote diagnostics, and set up and push out content/updates. With this fully-remote platform, you can change content on the fly and monitor the health and status of the network without requiring help on-site.


• Our clients utilizing Display Kit noticed the following:
• Increased timely engagement with customers
• Increased foot traffic to designated target areas
• Greater ability to monitor ROI from proximity marketing to mobile devices
• Incremental revenue opportunity with DoubleClick integration
• Full suite of data analytics for DOOH advertisers (heat maps, demographics, screen engagement, dwell time, etc.)


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