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Now is the time to embrace new digital signage technologies and draw a wider audience by keeping them informed. In North America and Europe, 2015 saw the emergence of 4K displays in top-tier brands and wall installations of 4K televisions in big-box retail stores across these regions. Constructed on conventional 4K, 2016 will welcome certain enhancements such as better screen quality with High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. Moreover, the widening spectrum of on-screen colors and shrinkage of the gap between digital screen and print has opened up new opportunities for designers in the digital signage market. Integrators and installers who intend to make the maximum utilizations of digital signage technology in a retail setting can now explore several modern and exciting ways.

Digital Messages on Screens Catch Attention

Digital communication undoubtedly has become vital for different business sectors, both internally and externally. Signage installations are rapidly increasing, and they are enabling the end users to transmit huge volumes of information to their audience. By the end of 2016, the adoption rate for signage will grow more than 65.5 percent and 55.5 percent for interactive digital signage. Software behind the innovation will be responsible for the growth, while social integration and interactive features will fuel the regular application of signage over the next five to six years.

In July, BrightSign LLC, a reputed manufacturer of project AV and signage media players, announced the deployment of their cylindrical signage column at the famous Westfield Shopping Center based in London. This curved signage offers consumers a broader view of the high-quality content and advertisements, wherever they are installed. Furthermore, this signage provides the appearance of a much wider screen, luring the potential consumers even in a larger space such as a shopping center.

Advertising is everywhere around us. To create an impact in the market, the brand needs to rise above the rest and go outside the box of traditional digital signage. Another product, NanoWrap by NanoLumens, is helping several brands reclaim their lost space in the advertising world. The company enables brands to create an impact by revoking an emotional bond with the consumers and potential customers at 360 degrees. The product is a cylindrical light-emitting diode that brands can use wherever they want and that comes with no structural reinforcements. NanoWrap displays cater to all the demands whether brands want signage hanging overhead, in a fixed position or around columns of a building. They equip brands with a perfect solution irrespective of the shape, size and even curve. Such innovations are revolutionizing the complete digital signage market.

Digital Signage Makes its Way into the Doctor’s Clinic

We see tables and racks dotted by magazines at the doctor’s clinic. However; industry experts believe that digital signage will soon capture the attention of many patients over old copies of the popular journals or magazines. The technology will not only entertain but will also keep the patients informed about different illnesses or medications as they wait to see their physician.

AccentHealth is one such company that offers high-end digital content. Established in 1995, this Tampa-and New York-based company has won several hearts for offering patientseducational media. The company provides access to POS media in more than 30,000 offices countrywide. Official sources confirm that approximately 90,000 physicians are using the solution and that the product serves 375 million patients each year. The mission of AccentHealth is to inspire its patients to lead a healthy life to get positive healthcare results.

Elaborating on the capabilities offered by the company, Jennifer Sewell, hired by AccentHealth to implement new programs, said, “With the increasing emphasis on patient education and the transition to value-based care, it’s more important now than ever to work alongside our client’s patient experience and marketing teams to create powerful, impactful and lasting patient education programs.” In a press release, Swell said, “We equip our partners with the tools to customize the content and delivery to meet their specific needs. Adoption of signage in the healthcare sector has opened new prospects for manufacturers active in the digital signage market.”

So whether it’s a menu board at the famous Whole Foods Market at Honolulu, Madame Tussauds going digital or digital signage installed by Volkswagen to make UAE roads safer, it is evident that the digital signage market is definitely up for a makeover. The commercial environment is becoming harsher, so with digital signage operating in the areas where the city never sleeps, you can definitely capture attention.

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