Displaylite’s 180 Touch Table meets European Furniture Standards for Tables


Tables for the home, office and other environments need to be safe and durable; and an interactive touch table is no exception.

Steve Legg, Director, Displaylite explains “Our New Displaylite 180, 46 inch interactive touch table is also a piece of furniture, which needs to meet the relevant safety standards for tables”.

Testing is a way to ensure compliance, which is why Displaylite submitted the Displaylite 180 to an independent test house for furniture testing.

There are British and European standards that apply to the structural testing of tables, which contain a series of tests addressing strength, durability and safety. The test methods and performance requirements vary depending on the expected use and include the effects of static load, impact, dropping and checking that the table is unlikely to tip over during normal use. Tests are designed to simulate normal use and an acceptable amount of misuse. For example, the vertical static load test simulates people sitting or standing on the table.

The Displaylite 180 interactive touch table was assessed and tested to BS EN 15372: 2016, test level 2 (general), requirements for non-domestic tables.

There are three levels of test for severity: level 1 (light) such as hotel bedrooms and libraries, level 2 (general) including general hotel use, cafes, restaurants, public halls, banks, bars and meeting rooms, and level 3 (severe) such as night clubs, police stations, casinos and prisons.

As glass is used in the Displaylite 180’s top surface (touch screen sensor), under BS EN 15372: 2016, a vertical impact test for tables using glass in their construction was applied, with the drop height set to test level 2.

Following assessment and testing, Displaylite is pleased to announce that the Displaylite 180 interactive touch table has passed the relevant mechanical safety requirements of BS EN 15372: 2016, test level 2, requirements for non-domestic tables.

“We believe the Displaylite 180 may be the first interactive touch table in the UK to have been assessed, tested and passed, by an independent test house to BS EN 15372: 2016, test level 2, a standard recognised throughout Europe” said Steve Legg.

About Displaylite

Displaylite specialises in multi touch tables, touch screens and Flat Panel Displays. The company offers a wide range of products based on professional-grade displays from global brands such as Samsung and NEC and using high performance touch screen technologies from PQ Labs, 3M, LG Innotek, Zytronics and other industry-leaders. Products are available across Europe via a network of AV Resellers, System Integrators and Distribution partners.

Displaylite develops solutions for the most design conscious, high-end retail and corporate applications but also into areas such as air traffic control, digital signage, medical imaging and the arts and heritage sector. The company has a first class reputation for service and support and works closely with system integrators, POP display stand builders, event organisers, software developers and other partners to offer a full customisation and integration service.

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