Diversified Expands Offerings to Include Strategic Business Consulting Service


Kenilworth, NJ (PRWEB) May 01, 2017—Over the last year, Diversified, a global technologies integrator based in New Jersey, has made great strides in expanding their solutions portfolio to better serve their diverse client base around the world. Having developed several market-focused divisions comprised of industry experts with extensive knowledge in their unique vertical, Diversified now adds the Business Consulting Group (BCG) to their already impressive roster.

“The Media & Entertainment industry is poised for a transformative experience as technologies evolve to offer more adaptive, cost-effective solutions with greater quality of service”, says Fred D’Alessandro, Chairman & CEO of Diversified. “BCG guides, educates, and empowers our clients in leveraging those technologies to continually improve their operation and strengthen their business.”

This unique team of industry experts, business analysts and IT specialists partner with clients to discover and define new approaches to their tactical and strategic challenges. “These are the SMEs that understand and appreciate the distinction between the theoretical and actual capabilities of systems, people, and spaces”, says Paul Catterson, VP of Diversified’s Business Consulting Group. “Adding a business consulting focus to Diversified’s institutional design-build offering creates a valuable proposition for our clients.”

After clarifying the client’s business goals, the Business Consulting Group analyzes the operation to uncover the best methods to achieve them. With the fully developed strategy mapped out, the team then identifies and deploys the technologies that will align the company on their new path to success.

About Diversified.
Diversified is an industry leader in the design and installation of a broad spectrum of custom engineered and integrated audiovisual media delivery solutions. They specialize in the use of audiovisual technology for complex and scalable professional broadcast, corporate communications and digital signage networks providing businesses with the enhanced capability of creating, managing and monetizing original digital content.
For more information, visit https://www.diversifiedus.com.

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