DOOH Campaign Alerts Drivers to Headlight Malfunction


Driving visibility plummets for a myriad of reasons in the autumn and winter months, and this is certainly true across Europe and in Warsaw, Poland where a new campaign has been implemented to adapt to harsh weather conditions that threaten road safety. The project is called “Your Lights – Our Security,” and it’s a collaborative effort between Screen Network and the Polish Police Headquarters that utilizes AI and computer vision to address problems with the headlights of passing cars.

“Headlights play an important role in the road traffic,” said Deputy Inspector for the Road Traffic Bureau of Polish Police Headquarters Radosław Kobryś, “If they are defective during bad weather conditions, the likelihood of a road accident increases. Efficient, correctly adjusted headlights allow the driver to notice an obstacle or a pedestrian beforehand.”

After a similar campaign’s success on 20,000 DOOH screens throughout the country, Polish Police Headquarters made the call to expand the messaging for a special campaign using the 165-meter LED curtain on the facade of the shopping mall “Plac Unii ” in Warsaw – undoubtedly a spot experiencing more traffic congestion than usual during this time of year.

This particular LED curtain is equipped with sensors and software based on AI that is designed to recognize cars by brand trademark from as far as 200 meters away. The software was provided by the Veturai company, experts in deep learning and computer vision solutions, and the screen is capable of identifying vehicles from as far as 200 meters away. However, due to safety reasons, the targeting was limited to those drivers who stopped at a red light in front of the screen. If they forgot to turn on their headlights or were unaware of a malfunction that occurred en route,  the LED curtain flashed a personalized warning message at a crucial point.

“Digital Out-of-Home focuses attention on issues that matter,” said Damian Rezner Head of Think DOOH/Screen Network. “Thanks to the fast development of AI and deep learning algorithms, we can now match the ads to the environment and target group in real time.”

The system was able to identify the make and model of nearly 40 car brands in eight colors with more than 90 percent accuracy. In order to ensure privacy, however, the solution was anonymized by blurring license plates and other identifiable elements. See the video below to see the campaign in action: 

So, in the spirit of the “Your Lights – Our Security” Campaign, Happy Holidays out there, and safe motoring as you all get from one celebration to the next!


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