DOOH Campaign Pushes Samsung Galaxy S9 to Customers in the Market for an Upgrade


Vistar worked with Starcom to produce Samsung’s campaign for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 mobile phone. Vistar’s programmatic platform and location-based approach to audiences enabled Samsung and Starcom to reach their unique set of in-market consumers, based on their own data, with impactful digital out-of-home media.

Nominating Company: Vistar Media, New York, New York
Venue: Samsung Galaxy S9 Release, New York, New York
Project: Samsung Galaxy S9 Release
Category: DOOH Networks

The objective was to drive consideration and purchase intent of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 mobile phone and drive store visits to Samsung telecom retailers in alignment with the launch.

Samsung and Starcom were seeking a solution for their digital out-of-home campaign. In order to drive a shift in consumer opinion to purchase the new Galaxy S9 phone and increase store visits to Samsung telecom retailers, they needed to reach a very specific audience. The audience would have to include Samsung or a competitive brand’s customers, who were in-market for a new device and located within specific designated market areas (DMAs).

Through Vistar’s partnership with LiveRamp, the campaign leveraged Samsung’s first-party data on consumers that were eligible for a phone upgrade or had older phone models and were likely to be in-market for a new device, terming them an “Upgrader” audience. LiveRamp, who anonymized the data to protect customer privacy, made it available for safe targeting. Vistar then used location data and proprietary geospatial technology to identify the Upgrader audience in the real world by analyzing the movement patterns of these consumers across Samsung’s top six DMAs. Based on these movement patterns, Vistar activated digital out-of-home to reach them where they were most likely to be throughout the day, across a variety of venue types.

The campaign was successful at driving significant lift across both upper and lower funnel metrics. Samsung saw an 8 percent lift in consideration, a 6 percent lift in purchase intent for Samsung mobile phones, and a 15 percent lift in store visits to telecom retailers. Optimizing mid-campaign toward high-performing venue types amplified the success of the campaign, with office buildings, billboards and malls driving the highest lift in consideration and purchase intent, pushing consumers down the funnel, and office buildings and gyms resulting in strong foot traffic lifts. The campaign’s success at driving real-world behavior and providing consumer insights have also proved valuable for Samsung’s subsequent media planning and out-of-home strategy.

Advertising Agency – Starcom
Campaign Management – Andrew Gurmann, Account Executive, Vistar Media
Lauren Hill, Analytics Associate, Vistar Media
Nikki Cummiskey, Account Supervisor, Starcom

Vistar Media won a 2019 APEX Award in the DOOH Networks category.

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