‘doohfa’ opens up the conversation between DOOH advertisers and Instagram content owners


SYDNEY, March 10, 2016 – doohfa, the award-winning cloud-based product providing clever dynamic content solutions for Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) advertising, will demonstrate new features that deliver two-way social media integration at ad:tech Australia 2016 next week.

doohfa’s new Instagram comment feature, coupled with personalised campaign webpages, opens up new opportunities for brands to respond to their brand advocates, address content rights, and provide rich content.

As an advertiser’s content manager curates Instagram images in doohfa, they can post a personalised comment to the content owner. The brand uses the comment to contact Instagram photo competition contributors, the content of which can go live to screen immediately, or to request permission to use content for non-competition campaigns.

“Integrating Instagram content into digital out-of-home is a great way to amplify a social media campaign. We wanted to take this a step further, beyond a broadcast mentality, to give brands the tools to further engage with their communities,” said Dave Petschack, doohfa’s Managing Director.

doohfa automatically appends a branded campaign webpage URL to comments requesting content rights. The media rights owner can review example campaign creative, and campaign terms and privacy information. Social media rights owners can automatically grant brands permission to use their content by posting a comment back from within the Instagram platform.

“Brands want to ensure they’re doing the right thing by their consumers and respecting their content rights. Being able to immediately initiate a two-way conversation with content owners is the first step towards addressing this issue,” said Neice Waddington, doohfa’s Product Director.

“And with doohfa’s campaign webpages, our solution provides consumers with a highly personal experience,” added Neice Waddington.

doohfa can automatically generate personalised campaign webpages. Designed by the brand, the page incorporates the contributor’s finished creative, when and where their image will appear.

The personalised campaign webpage is shared with Instagram photo competition contributors, or with social media content creators that have granted usage rights to the brand.

The personalised webpage is also an opportunity for brands to provide rich content and lead people into their digital marketing.

doohfa’s new features will be demonstrated at ad:tech Australia 2016, on March 15-16, 2016. To book a free demonstration at ad:tech, visit calendly.com/doohfa

About doohfa

doohfa is a cloud-based product developed by OFA Marketing Production to provide off-the-shelf dynamic content solutions for digital out of home advertising.

For more information about doohfa visit www.doohfa.com

For more information about OFA Marketing Production visit ofa.productions

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