Downtown Minneapolis Atrium Gets Digital Makeover


Gaviidae Commons I in Minneapolis is an atrium location within the Minneapolis downtown area. It sits at a crossroads within the famous Minneapolis skyway system and is accessed by thousands daily. AlivePromo created a new vibe. It boasts unique digital signage systems featuring LED tile technology, interactive kiosks and more.

Nominating Company: AlivePromo, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Venue: Gaviidae Commons 1, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Project: Gaviidae Commons I atrium
Category: Public Spaces

Gaviidae Commons 1 was purchased by a New York company in 2013. Sam Rogers, AlivePromo’s lead designer, was brought in to see what digital concepts could be deployed to create a new vibe within the space. After presenting several options, the client chose to do all of them. The project began in late 2013 and was completed in December 2014.

The space now boasts dramatic LED tile banners suspended from 50 feet, an LED tile ticker “ring” that circles an opening between the street and skyway levels, custom kiosks designed by Rogers, a 4K interactive wall with touch foil technology, digital headers for skyway signage and elevator area floor signs.

The project has made the busy skyway intersection one of the more dynamic places to visit for downtown workers and visitors.

The biggest challenge was suspending LED tiles from 50 feet up. The tiles appear to hang like fabric banners. However, they are far from fabric, requiring cables and power supplies that all had to be hidden from view. The weight of the LED banners meant that a unique mounting solution had to be engineered, and it had to look like it matched the rest of the steel work within the space.

The entire project required a team of about 20 individuals to engineer all the mounting systems, the LED systems, the fixtures, the content, and finally, making all the signs manageable on the same AlivePulse™ system.

A tired 1980s interior received new life without having to change the physical architecture. The new digital vibe makes the space fit in with millennial expectations. And experts have noticed. Shortly after phase I was complete and the LED banners and ring were up, the project was seen by Michael Porter, director of the master of business communication program at the University of St. Thomas’s Opus College of Business. He said, “Wow, that’s cool. It’s a leap well into the 21st century. It changes the character of the space. It modernizes it, clearly. The beauty of it is the flexibility of it, once it’s installed, is so great.”
Mission accomplished for the New York property owner who wanted an immediate upgrade without changing the physical architecture.

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