You Dream It, We’ll Build It: Welcome to Premier Mounts’ New Space


You Dream It, We’ll Build It: Welcome to Premier Mounts’ New SpaceOpen. Collaborative. Exciting. Technical. High capacity. These are the impressions partners and clients have when they walk through the doors of the new Premier Mounts facility in Corona, California. We’re growing to meet the engineering demands of LED and large format visual display with a new open-concept office space, dedicated testing area, and cutting-edge showroom.

This industry segment is on fire, and PM is leading the way in markets ranging from hospitality to sports and entertainment, education and retail.

It’s been a great move that is further expanding our capabilities,” explains Shaun Roos, Solutions Advisor at PDS. “A few partners of ours have come in and said, ‘wow, it’s amazing’ and we’re seeing a really positive impact on our engineering capabilities and the final products we are producing.”

As Premier Mounts’ custom capabilities expand, this new facility will ensure the whole team has a place to dream, create, test, and showcase new solutions. The office space for meetings is glass, with a very open feel and inspiring, cutting-edge aesthetic.

We have taken space management for a manufacturing and engineering facility to a new level,” Shaun continues, highlighting the new facility’s dedicated space for testing custom mounts. “We are able to designate a location to test and balance all our builds—to ensure everything is working flawlessly before sending them out to the customer. The engineers have an entire corner of our warehouse just to test larger scale visual applications. This ensures customers get the quality and precision of the final product they have come to expect from Premier Mounts.

By centralizing the process onsite at the Corona facility, the Premier Mounts team has created a more efficient, faster assembly and installation process for integrators and end-users.

The move represents a strategic emphasis on custom and the large-scale installations while ensuring the legacy stock product business continues to serve its customers.

We moved all of our stock items out to our warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as to our Buffalo, New York location,” says Mike Devine, a member of the Business Development team at PDS. “This ensures our stock customers see even more regional efficiency in distribution while our team can shift design and operational focus to custom capabilities—to really push our potential for the large LED projects that are coming our way. The large Pro AV OEM are seeing what we can do and they are loving it. I’m looking at the warehouse floor, and I’m seeing tables full of LED frames that are ready to get packaged up and sent out. It’s a great sight to see.

The new facility also has a dedicated showroom on the first floor, featuring multiple locations on each wall set up to showcase LED mounts and highlight how our partners are working with us to make ambitious customer visions a reality. Clients can see firsthand what they can have an application. With our industry-leading expertise and stunning technology in direct-view LED, customers are inspired by the beautiful narrow-pixel-pitch displays and the potential for HD content at a short viewing distance. Premier Mounts demonstrates the engineering capability and expertise to make any creative vision a reality with market-specific knowledge in challenging architectural environments.

Finally, the new facility also gives Premier Mounts more space for fabrication as the team plans for the future.

We continue to invest in cutting-edge manufacturing and engineering technology to expedite the design-build process and dedicate our efforts to exceptionally large projects,” Shaun adds. “It was a big step, but the market was demanding it. With launching PDS, not only do we fabricate our mounts, we provide installation assistance when complex projects require it. The building represents that commitment to service and our increased capabilities.”

With product design, engineering, and manufacturing under one roof, Premier Mounts leads the industry in responsive Pro AV manufacturing and engineering at a scale ready for the world’s largest visual display structural projects.

You dream it, we’ll build it. The possibilities are endless. Learn more about our architecturally integrated visual structures by contacting one of our solutions experts today!

Have a current project that you need installation for? Our LED Questionnaire was designed to create optimized solutions for exactly what you are looking for!

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