Drone Nerds Take Flight with Retail Video Wall


Drone Nerds began as an e-commerce business selling drones. Customers often visited the company’s warehouse expecting a retail showroom.  Owner Jeremy Schneiderman quickly realized that a retail experience was necessary in order to be successful in selling his products.

Nominating Company: Spectrio, Oldsmar, Florida
Venue: Drone Nerds, Miami, Florida
Project: Drone Nerds Retail Showroom Video Wall
Category: Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

Drone Nerds wanted to create a high-end video wall that allowed content to play across multiple screens to simulate the experience of flying a drone while also featuring the unique model of each product.

Drones are meant to fly, which is quite difficult to do in a retail store. The owner of Drone Nerds wanted to find a way to capture the visual experience of each drone model flying within the store. He also wanted to find a highly engaging visual to explain the complicated features of each drone model.

Spectrio created visually stunning content that moves across multiple screens to create the impression of a drone flying within the store. We also developed graphic simulations of each model’s unique features to visually educate customers.

The customer experience was completely transformed in Drone Nerds. Customers are engaged by the videos, educated by the content and entertained by the project. Drone Nerds continue to receive positive feedback, increased customer retention time in the store and improved attendance.

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