DSE Keynote Video Recap Part III


Celebrated speaker, marketing specialist and author David Meerman Scott delivered the keynote at this past year’s Digital Signage Expo. In this presentation, entitled Real-Time Marketing, Newsjacking and Digital Signage, Scott outlines meaningful, measurable and low/no-cost strategies to instantly reach your digital signage audience directly. He covers five crucial points about how to get a business noticed in a modern world obsessed with real-time news, social media and emerging technologies.

Those five major points are as follows:

  • Real-Time Content
  • Free Your Content
  • Real-Time is Your Secret Weapon
  • Being Human
  • Manage Your Fear

Below is the third installment of this keynote video recap series.

Other highlights of this year’s DSE keynote include the explanation of Scott’s Newsjacking theory, on-stage plyometric push-ups and a selfie that he took with the entire Digital Signage Expo audience that managed to get some Twitter attention before the presentation even wrapped. Talk about real-time.

Check back with Digital Signage Connection to catch another installment of this exclusive keynote presentation coming soon. For more information on David Meerman Scott, visit https://www.davidmeermanscott.com/

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