DSE17 Systems Integrator Keynote Promises Learning and Fun


The keynote address in the Digital Signage Expo 2017 Pro-AV/IT Systems Integrator education track promises a completely different approach to the educational experience as the session takes a page from Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show.

“We’re going to take the teaching up a few notches with some theater,” said Lyle Bunn, who will play host to three veterans of digital signage.

Together Bunn and his guests will share the 12 key insights for integrator success. As the role of the integrator changes, so are the demands on this vital element of the digital signage supply chain.

Effective integration is the key to gaining the benefits of digital signage and integration expertise reduces project timeframe, cost and risk while assuring that that end users are most cost-effectively served by the medium. Delegates will benefit from the following key learning objectives:

  • The attitudes that underpin successful digital signage integration.
  • How integration relates to technology vendors and distributors. 
  • How to position integration for increased credibility. 
  • Key areas of service value – project imperatives.

Bunn will also take a page from Carson’s talent of giving the answer before hearing the question. Here is a sample some of the answers that will be heard:

  • Google search and a bad integrator
  • Rocking gently back and forth, pulling the bottle of scotch from the bottom drawer
  • Jesus and a good integrator.
  • A quarterback, a chef and a movie producer.

Find out the questions to those answers at The Integration “Tonight Show” at DSE. The keynote session takes place Wednesday, March 29 from 8 to 8:50 a.m.

Who should attend

System integrators, Digital Signage project leaders and team members (AV, IT, HR, Marketing, Facilities, Purchasing), technology providers for applications in shopper, patron, guest, traveller, staff and student communications using digital signage and digital place-based media.

The Integration “Tonight Show” Guests:

Lyle Bunn – Principal and Strategy Architect – BUNN Co.

Mike White, CTS, DSCE – Director of Business Development, Digital Signage – Unified AV

Jerry Harris – Senior Director of Exhibits – Georgia Aquarium

Laura Davis-Taylor – EVP, Customer Experience – MaxMedia

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