Dubai Mall’s Flagship Cinema Moves to Digital Self-Service


Reel Cinemas is a leading cineplex in the United Arab Emirates operated by Emaar Entertainment. Blue Rhine Technologies was tasked with refurbishing the 22-screen flagship cinema in The Dubai Mall, also the largest Cinema in the UAE.

Nominating Company: Blue Rhine Technologies, Dubai, UAE
Venue: Reel Cinema, Dubai, UAE
Project: Reel Cinema Flagship
Category: Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

Emaar Entertainment partnered with Blue Rhine Technologies to execute the vision of the CEO, which was a fully automated, digital self-service customer experience. This was part of a major refurbishment program across two of the leading Emaar shopping malls, Marina Mall and Dubai Mall. The aim was to reassert Reel as the best cinema experience in not just the UAE, but globally.


Emaar Entertainment wanted to create an escape for its visitors as soon as they entered the cinema, and its expectations were high. One of the first challenges was bringing to life the design, which included curved screens to create wavelike shapes by screen entrances and oval columns in the foyer.

With limited clearance between the arch screen and the ceiling, our design team had to ensure they were accurate, and our installation team had to be incredibly careful with the 3.1 flexible fragile modules. One of the unexpected challenges, but not altogether uncommon in this region, was power supply for the vast number of screens. We had to engineer a low voltage screen, reducing consumption by 20 percent. With multiple contractors onsite, we had a tight schedule to complete the full installation in only 20 days, so preparation and executing as much as possible offsite was key.

The solution we delivered to Emaar is a breathtaking 307 square meters of LED screens with different shapes, sizes and pixel pitch. Some were custom modules to create the four oval columns and four arch-like curved waves, which were constructed in our factory in Dubai Investment Park.

With a social media LED screen of 15 square meters and an augmented reality wall of almost 23 square meters, visitors to the cinema could be engaged in more of an experience.

A total of 46 custom kiosks were fabricated by Blue Rhine for self-service ticketing, ordering of F&B and payment. There are no cashiers on site, and all orders and payments are taken at the kiosk, with a separate collection counter. 136 Philips screens were installed throughout the cinema for various functions, including video walls, menu boards and advertising.


When you enter the Reel Cinema space, you are mesmerized by an unmatched entertainment experience for people of all ages. Blue Rhine worked closely with the architects from conception to deliver the vision of Emaar’s one-of-a-kind interactive and automated cinema. The cinema creates a sense of drama in the entrance corridor and through arched wave screens before the visitor even enters the cinema hall.

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