Dynamic Digital Screens in New Jersey Rest Plazas Provide High Exposure Opportunities for Advertisers and State Agencies


Somerdale, NJ – May 1, 2017 – LATCOR Media, LLC announces the launch of a state-wide, digital advertising platform in all major rest stops throughout New Jersey. In addition to providing unique high-exposure promotional opportunities for businesses, the digital screens also feature a direct feed from the New Jersey State Attorney General and the New Jersey State Police, enabling them to communicate with travelers regarding public service concerns and emergency situations.

“The segmented screens offer state-wide, regional and/or local coverage for businesses to present their message and content to consumers and be able to dynamically change that information as needed,” said Oleg Boyarsky of LATCOR Media.

Four (4) high-definition digital screens have been installed at each of the 18 rest plazas along New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway and Atlantic City Expressway. The display screens are positioned strategically throughout each rest plaza for maximum exposure. The rest plaza locations service the travelers along all major New Jersey highways which is estimated to be over 700 million cars and over a billion travelers annually, as per New Jersey Department of Transportation.

“The screens will also significantly improve the safety of residents and visitors to our state,” said Paul Loriquet from the office of NJ Attorney General. “They can be utilized, in real time, to issue amber or silver alerts and public service announcements. We will also maintain the ability to effectuate a “real-time” take-over of all screens (Statewide or Regionally) when necessary in the event of an extreme emergency, terrorism activities, or an active shooter situation.”

Advertisers can (optionally) manage and change their own content at any time if they desire, thereby targeting content to a specific event, promotion, release, activity or season. Appropriate for businesses of all sizes, advertisers have the option of utilizing all four of the screens at the location(s) of their choice to display a still image or video content of various durations. The LATCOR Media Digital Display platform offers advertisers the ultimate in convenience and the flexibility of managing their own content in real-time.

This Statewide DOOH advertising network of venues enables any business to successfully reach a diverse range of potential customers with dynamic content to create brand awareness, recall, increased visibility and consistent exposure at low cost. Advertisers can target locally, regionally or statewide, depending upon their individual needs and goals for a completely customizable solution. Standard and customized packages are available.


About LATCOR Media, LLC LATCOR Media, LLC is a leading media technology firm in identifying and developing unique opportunities for targeted advertising while serving the public interest. LATCOR Media is comprised of seasoned business executives in technology, automation, interactive kiosks and advertising media.


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