Dynamic Parking Kiosks at Brisbane Airport


CV Media & Design’s Dynamic Parking Kiosks were developed for Brisbane Airport Corporation’s (BAC) parking facilities. The innovative design integrates a non-polarizing, 46-inch LCD screen within a weather-proof enclosure, customized to realize BAC’s vision of digitally communicating parking rates, informative video and tailored marketing messages.

Nominating Company: CV Media & Design, Eagle Farm, QLD, Australia
Venue: Brisbane Airport | Dynamic Parking Kiosk, Brisbane Airport, QLD, Australia
Project: Brisbane Airport | Dynamic Parking Kiosk
Category: Transportation

Servicing more than 22 million passengers in 2014 and 2015, and investing $40 million into their car parking facilities since 2013, BAC continues to implement world-leading technology to ensure top tier service. With parking revenue increasing by 8.2 percent each year since 2004, investments in parking are a key business decision for the airport. (ACCC Airport Monitoring Report 2014/15)

The Digital Parking Kiosks were developed to deliver customer experience backed by innovation, sustainability and overall improvements in car park function. Prior to the commencement of the design and build, BAC highlighted that the key goal was to ‘assist with greater customer engagement and offer a digital solution for not only communicating parking rates and terms of entry but also informative updates, video and visual content’ (Martin Ryan, 2016).

Innovating within their new parking space, Airpark, BAC was able integrate new digital technologies, elevate customer engagement, target sustainability and improve entrance and exit systems and processes.

The technology was built in consultation with the BAC Transport & Services team to ensure each aspect of design, functionality, creativity and customer delivery was considered. Throughout the research phases, it was identified that materials chosen to develop the kiosks had to be fit for changing physical conditions and environmental impacts.

Three key challenges were faced:

1. Maintaining a cool environment for the ongoing digital function of the kiosk with the signs having to operate in a climate reaching temperatures in excess of 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. The 24-hour visibility of the screens was critical, with installations being in varied locations of shade and sunlight.
3. The external casing had to be built using materials able to withstand the highly corrosive, salt air environment
Each requirement was trialed, tested and addressed throughout the design phase, ensuring the developed systems were robust enough to provide optimum usage for client investment.

Dynamic Parking Kiosks at Brisbane AirportSOLUTIONS
Throughout the development phases of the Dynamic Parking Kiosks, ongoing research and testing was conducted. In-depth investigation ensured the screens chosen had the capability to withstand the temperature variances, avoiding problematic issues surrounding overheating. Additionally, the screens selected were non-polarizing. This feature ensures that the display maintains 24-hour visibility despite the glare of direct sunlight or the use of polarized glasses. The external casing was developed using powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum rather than a stainless steel alternative. Research shows that this is far more practical, light-weight and cost-effective. It also maintains the criteria for a robust solution without compromising quality.

The solution engages synergy across the external design elements, integrated with the 46-inch LCD screen, online and drive-up payment systems and entry and exit technology.

The digital integration enabled BAC to streamline parking communications and processes across their precinct, providing total flexibility to manage all content via the cloud-based systems and customizing where necessary. The focus on customer engagement has informed decisions throughout each phase of the design and build to ensure the signs are utilized as an effective tool of client-to-customer communications.

Dynamic Parking Kiosks at Brisbane AirportThe key indicator of measured success has been the ability to ease customers through new entry and exit processes. Following the initial trial, 31 additional kiosks have been deployed into the three remaining BAC parking precincts. There has also been keen interest from other airports and public car parks to integrate the kiosks into paid and unpaid spaces.

The integrated planning from functionality, digital technology and service delivery perspectives delivers on BAC’s initial objectives of innovation and functionality whilst engaging world-leading technology for parking systems and processes.

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