E-Paper Leader Visionect to Showcase Room Scheduling Solution JOAN at ISE 2017


E-Paper Leader Visionect to Showcase Room Scheduling Solution JOAN at ISE 2017Amsterdam, the Netherlands – January 2017 | JOAN, the award-winning meeting room booking display, is coming to Integrated Systems Europe. Visionect, the maker of JOAN and the world leader in developing sustainable electronic paper signs, will be joined in Amsterdam by WEYELdistribution GmbH, JOAN’s new distributor for the DACH region. The two companies are carving out a whole new category of cooperation at the junction of digital signage and AV, led by JOAN’s simplicity of use and the amazing versatility of e-paper technology.

JOAN, Visionect’s award-winning electronic paper room scheduling solution is coming to Integrated Systems Europe, the largest AV systems integration show in the world.

With the influx of different gadgets and products aimed at organizing our busy lives, it is getting increasingly harder to decide between what seem to be interchangeable solutions available on the market. Simplifying the selection process is a key question that all too often remains unasked: does the solution I am interested in fit my life and solve my problem exactly?

For electronic paper the answer is a resounding yes.

Hailed as the screen that is, according to WIRED, getting ready to “cover the world”, e-paper uses 99% less power than an LCD, supporting the creation of off-the-grid, battery-powered devices that take more effort to buy than to install, whatever the application. The versatile technology has been rapidly making its way from eReaders into groundbreaking products ranging from truckside billboards all the way to digital traffic signs and room scheduling solutions, creating a unique Internet of Things ecosystem of smart displays.

Running on technology by Visionect, the world leader in powering electronic paper signage, these products signal the beginning of the screen’s transition into the mainstream and a new era of versatile, energy-efficient solutions that adapt to the customers’ needs and not the other way around.  

The perfect example of this is JOAN.

JOAN is the most advanced digital door display and meeting room scheduling solution with impeccable energy efficiency. The smart display connects to existing calendars and infrastructure, and is the only true plug & play room scheduling solution on the market.

A meeting room booking solution that optimizes office usability by bringing order to the meeting room process, JOAN allows you to book remotely on your computer or smart device, or on the spot, right at the meeting room door. It shows meeting information, the meetings coming up and eliminates meeting interruptions by clearly signalling the room is occupied and until when. It’s completely cordless, which makes it extremely simple to install. JOAN doesn’t require any brackets and easily attaches to all surfaces with a specially designed magnetic mount.

Joining Visionect at ISE 2017 will be WEYELdistribution GmbH, JOAN’s new distributor for the DACH region and a leading German authority and distributor of renowned brands in the signage and AV sectors.

WEYEL’s expertise in both signage and AV is a valuable opportunity for Visionect and JOAN since it represents an entry point into the office equipment ecosystem in a wider geographical area of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. JOAN’s energy-saving properties will deepen WEYEL’s knowledge in the segment of energy-efficient digital signage and introduce electronic paper to their network.

“Simplicity and quality of use make JOAN a force to be reckoned with in every industry, and a perfect example of the versatility of electronic paper technology,” says Matej Zalar, CEO of Visionect. “We are proud to be able to promote JOAN’s remarkable features by joining forces with WEYELdistribution, a leader in the AV field and the latest in the illustrious list of Visionect partners, joining the likes of EPSON, Microsoft and E Ink®.”

Visit JOAN at Hall 14, Stand 14-M297 at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), taking place in Amsterdam, February 7–10. Register for free here.

Contact:  Ursa Primozic, Visionect Ltd, +386 1 600 5860, press@visionect.com

About JOAN | JOAN is a meeting room booking display developed by Visionect. It is marked by unparalleled energy-efficiency, simplicity of installation and use, and mainstream affordability, and is the recipient of the 2016 CES Innovation and Red Dot Design awards.| joanassistant.com

About Visionect | Visionect is the world leader in deploying electronic paper in environments impossible before. Setting a new standard in versatile, ultra energy-efficient digital signs and powering a new era of innovation, Visionect products and solutions are conquering the globe, from New York to Tokyo.| www.visionect.com

About WEYELdistribution GmbH | WEYELdistribution GmbH  is a wholesaler and distributor of renowned brands for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. WEYEL concentrates on the leading industry suppliers of the digital signage and audio-video industries and offers a comprehensive service of high-quality products and extensive know-how.| www.weyel-distribution.de

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