Éclair Bistro’s Projection Mapping Transforms Dining


Éclair Bistro and Martini Jazz Lounge in McKinney, Texas enhanced their restaurant’s ambience with interactive projection mapping using several Optoma projectors to complement a unique dining experience and delicious menu. A range of standard and short throw projectors, including the Optoma ML750ST, EH415ST and Optoma ProScene WU615T were used along with Microsoft Kinect motion input sensors to bring a dynamic and interactive form of ambiance and entertainment to the restaurant, bar and VIP lounge.

Nominating Company: Optoma Technologies, Fremont, California
Venue: Éclair Bistro and Martini Jazz Lounge, McKinney, Texas
Project: Éclair Bistro and Martini Jazz Lounge
Category: Restaurants, Bars & Foodservice

As a former performer and musician, the Éclair Bistro and Martini Jazz Lounge’s Chef and Owner Aaron Thomas understands the value in entertaining guests with unique dining experiences, so he started experimenting with projection mapping on two of his restaurant’s tabletops in 2016. Looking to expand the projection mapping experience to all the dining tables within the restaurant, as well as incorporate the interactive experience in the upstairs lounge, Chef Thomas was eager to work with a projector brand that could meet the restaurant’s flexible installation needs in order to equip the entire venue and to bring the unique dining experience to all guests.

The venue itself is housed in an older industrial-style building and is divided by two separate floors, with the lower level serving as the main dining room and the upper level housing the Martini Jazz lounge. The main dining room has higher ceilings, allowing for more flexible mounting options, whereas the upstairs lounge has a lower ceiling, requiring projectors with not only shorter throw ratios, but also correct placement to cover the entire wall of the VIP lounge without being obstructed by guests. In addition, with large windows at the front of the building, the team had to work around the ambient lighting inside the restaurant in order for the interactive content to display with maximum brightness and precision. Interactivity was another challenge because the standard Optoma interactive solutions are designed for ultra-short throw projectors and screens, which was not a viable option for the top of the bar.

The two existing projection-mapped dining tables in the main dining area were upgraded with a pair of Optoma ProScene WU615T projectors, which produced sharper visuals with greater color vibrancy due to their high 6,500-lumen brightness. The room was also equipped with five Optoma EH415STs, which fit the installation requirements of the space perfectly with the model’s 0.5:1 short throw ratio, bright 3,500 lumens and 1080p resolution. The upstairs lounge required a short throw ratio and compact projector to accommodate the space’s lower ceilings, which made the Optoma ML750ST a perfect fit, allowing for a concealed installation with enough brightness to enhance the bar experience. In addition, one EH415ST was installed at the back of the lounge, successfully covering the back wall with interactive projections.


Today, Éclair Bistro delivers a truly unique dining experience. Outfitted with projection mapping throughout the entire dining area, and featuring a completely interactive bar top and VIP room, it is the only bar and restaurant in Texas of its kind. The unique setting, combined with amazing cuisine made from organic ingredients and fresh supplies, creates a truly memorable dining experience for all guests.

Optoma Technologies, Éclair Bistro and Martini Jazz Lounge, Texas

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