El Palacio de Hierro Substitutes Digital Signage for Stained Glass


El Palacio de Hierro is one of the most prestigious department stores in Mexico. Looking to create an iconic building with characteristics never seen before in Mexico or the Americas, the brand decided to build a project called “The Palace of Palaces,” and digital signage was a key topic on the agenda.

Nominating Company: SSL DIGITAL, Mexico City, Mexico
Venue: El Palacio de Hierro, Mexico City, Mexico
Project: El Palacio de Hierro
Category: Retail

The store has enormous dimensions and houses unique luxury brands. It had the goal of becoming unique in all aspects, so SSL DIGITAL came up with the idea of emulating a complex and sophisticated stained glass window. This involved 1,087 square feet of bright LED screen installation amongst large-format digital screens, mirror screens and an original LED hanging sphere.

Being such an ambitious project, the Palace of Palaces featured enormous spaces to be dressed in a proper way for royalty. Large-format digital screens and an original LED hanging sphere were some of the additions to the building, but there was a 66-foot-high ceiling in the central hall that required an innovative idea to look spectacular and surprise all customers. Originally, a complex stained glass installation was considered, but time and budget constraints were obstacles.

SSL DIGITAL came up with the idea of emulating the complex and expensive stained glass with the installation of a 1,087 square-foot LED screen.

The LED implementation took place in a record time of one week and with significant savings, surpassing all expectations in realism, brightness and color. The customers were delighted with the monumental piece of art, and not easily convinced that it was made of LED panels.

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