Election Updates from the New York Skyline


Regardless of where you may stand on the polarizing results of the 2016 American Presidential race, New York was apparently the place to be on November 8. Donald Trump and his camp watched their path to victory become a reality from the New York Hilton (because his own properties supposedly couldn’t support the crowd size), and the deflated Clinton campaign eventually accepted defeat from the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center a mere two miles away. Our attention, however, was caught by another part of the Big Apple’s skyline—The Empire State Building. Thanks to a partnership between CNN, Instagram, CA Technologies, the building’s management and the projection mapping extraordinaire company Obscura Digital, the south façade of The Empire State Building became a 32-story, real-time election tracker as well as our Installation of the Week.

Using 40 projectors at a distance of three blocks, Obscura Digital covered 70,000 square feet of building space with brilliant red and blue hues as well as real-time election results, campaign photos, Instagram mosaics and animations. Then, when the long night of crunching electoral votes finally came to an end, the 45th president’s visage towered over Manhattan alongside blinking lights and animated fireworks. Check out the video below for a closer look:

Plus, Instagram gathered select and thematically appropriate image posts from people using the hashtag #MyVote for inclusion as part of the #MyVote social media tour’s grand finale.

“We wanted to break the fourth wall,” said CNN Senior Vice President Ed O’Keefe. “We wanted to make a connection between the television program, which is very much speaking at people, and this election, which has fostered so many emotions and conversations among people.”

“This is performing without a net,” said Empire State Realty Trust Chairman and CEO Anthony E. Malkin said. “It’s real time, and the content has been specifically prepared for this purpose, and none of that has ever been done before.”


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