Electric Daisy Carnival Features Bomber Plane Projection Installation


Tico Sighting designed an innovative visual experience featuring a vintage Grumman S-2 Tracker airplane and several Optoma ProScene ZU1050 and ZU850 laser projectors for the annual Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas, which took place in May 2018. The creative combination of stimulating video content, projection mapping and ultra-bright laser projection resulted in a life-sized illusion of a plane that was in motion, and it turned the vintage war plane into a living work of art.

Nominating Company: Optoma Technologies, Fremont, California
Venue: Electric Daisy Carnival, New Orleans, Louisiana
Project: Electric Daisy Carnival, “Ghost Ride” Art Installation by Tico Sighting
Category: Entertainment & Recreation

Tico Sighting, a creative visual agency, was commissioned by Feral Studios to create an innovative visual experience at the 2018 EDC festival in Las Vegas as one of the festival’s many set designs. To tell the story of a ghost plane flown by its ghost pilot, the Tico Sighting team used a vintage B-25 Mitchell bomber plane from the 1940s to create the illusion of a plane descending from the clouds as visual content was displayed on the surface, matching the beat of the surrounding music and ultimately bringing the pilot’s “Ghost Ride” to life. Along with the vintage plane, the team needed to leverage projection mapping and innovative display technologies to create the massive visual experience for the festival.

Knowing their “Ghost Ride” concept would require a massive display of brilliant imagery, Tico Sighting turned to Optoma to help tell their unique story and bring the ghost plane to life. With multiple, large festival stages and several surrounding art installations, the team had to compete with the ambient light and ensure that the displayed content would be bright enough for a visually stunning experience. Leveraging the vintage plane as the main display surface presented additional challenges to the team, which required reaching and projecting onto unconventionally sized and shaped areas. Working with these constraints, the Tico Sighting team needed reliable, flexible projectors that had the appropriate display technology to project bright, vivid images on a challenging surface.

B-25 Bomber set up pic

Tico Sighting used projection mapping software and the Optoma ProScene ZU1050 and ZU850 laser projectors, which were used to simulate working propellers and were creatively installed on projection platforms to project against the plane’s body and surface as their inventive backdrop and screen. The wide range in lens shift, zoom and focus with 360-degree and portrait operation allowed the light display to reach the unconventional areas of the plane, and the ability to turn off the projectors without the usual long cool-down time made switching out lenses and making tweaks fast and efficient. Boasting 10,000 and 8,000 lumens respectfully, an impressive 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 20,000 hours of virtual maintenance-free operation, Optoma’s ProScene ZU1050 and ZU850 laser projectors were an ideal choice for the festival’s demanding installation environment.

Creating a memorable visual display that captivated the festival’s audience, Tico Sighting’s aerial narrative successfully brought the audience together in a celebration of storytelling and sound. Despite the surrounding ambient light, the high brightness of the Optoma ProScene ZU1050 and ZU850 projectors allowed the colors of the visual content to show through richly, bringing the illusion of the ghost ride to life. In addition, the team was able to easily turn off and restart the projectors without the usual long, cool-down time, allowing the team to easily switch out the lenses on the projectors and make any necessary tweaks to the performance during the three-day festival. As a result of the successful integration, Tico Sighting will be incorporating Optoma’s ProScene laser series, as well as Optoma’s dome lens, into its theaters and other projects.

Optoma Technologies, Tico Sighting, Feral Studios

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