Elevision Media Creates USD$ 1,000,000 Media Fund to Support SMEs Affected by COVID-19 Crisis


“Support your Local Community” will assist struggling businesses affected by the crisis with targeted ad campaigns

4th May 2020, United Arab Emirates – In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the SME community, Elevision Media has launched an initiative to provide USD$1,000,000 in free advertising to help market and promote small local businesses in the United Arab Emirates.

The “Support your Local Community” initiative is coordinated with Elevision’s community partners across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where Elevision operates over 1200 Digital-out-of-Home advertising screens in commercial and residential communities such as the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR) and in Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) through Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC).

With the pandemic impacting businesses of all sizes, and SMEs playing a significant role in the economy, targeted measures to support sales and cash flow are vital. In light of this, Elevision is offering support to small businesses to help them navigate these difficult times by leveraging Elevision’s media assets. Marketing budgets, especially in advertising, are inevitably under the spotlight – and in many cases have been capped or even scrapped by businesses to stay afloat. However, studies of previous downturns have shown that maintaining marketing expenditure during a crisis typically has short and long-term benefits for the sales and market share of brands – both during a recession and beyond.

“During recessions it’s more important than ever to remember that loyal customers are the primary, enduring source of cash flow and organic growth. Marketing isn’t optional—it’s a “good cost,” essential to bringing in revenues from these key customers and others.” – Harvard Business Review

Niall Sallam, CEO Elevision Media, said “Remaining top of mind and maintaining share of voice is extremely important so that when the situation does begin to normalise, local businesses will be in a good position, with solid footing to ramp up traction quickly and efficiently. That said, in a situation where a small business owner is faced with a choice to either pay salaries or allocate budget to advertising the decision is easy; advertising spend does not take priority. With this in mind, we are hoping that our initiative can help struggling businesses bridge the gap and maintain some share of voice now and going forward as the market begins to strengthen again.”

Interested business can contact the Elevision Media team through sales@elevision.ae.


About Elevision

Elevision is a Digital-Out-of-home company that owns and operates a network of over 1200 digital advertising screens across the United Arab Emirates. Elevision is a regional leader in the Digital-out-of-Home media (DOOH) sector. With screens located in upscale commercial, residential and lifestyle destinations, Elevision offers advertisers unparalleled access to the region’s most affluent consumers. Elevision screens help shape the urban environment and are a real time platform to deliver brand messages in style. Using state-of-the-art wireless technology, Elevision delivers engaging up-to-the-minute infotainment, community news and advertisements to its 300,000 daily viewers. By displaying community, national and international news, alongside user-generated content, Elevision has developed a loyal community and a captive audience. Elevision reaches people where it matters most – keeping them connected and informed.

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