Embed Signage Introduces Advanced User Groups to Cloud-Based Digital Signage Software


Check out the Video for a Quick Overview:



What are Advanced User Groups? –

This feature allows users to completely segment their account into multiple groups, each with their own roles and permissions. Custom rules can then be applied to these groups to include or exclude items within embed signage.

Advanced User Group Highlights

  • Create user roles such as – Admin, Creative and IT whom only have access to their chosen areas.
  • Create an unlimited amount of users with individual logins.
  • Segment users into groups such as ‘London Office’.
  • Tag items such as folders, media, layouts and playlists to assign them to groups.
  • Sharing items throughout a digital signage network has never been easier. If selected, departmental or by branch, groups can share items by simply adding another groups chosen tags to an item. It will then automatically show up in that group’s account.

Find the full guide here:


Embed signage are continually developing features and improvements to their software to ensure users benefit from a simple to use, yet powerful digital signage platform.

Existing users can simply sign in to their account and explore the new features right now. For those not using embed signage yet, they can sign up for a free 28 day trial here: https://embedsignage.com/signup


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