Employees and Visitors Get Connected with Seamless LED Display at Partners HealthCare


When visitors enter the West Lobby of the brand new Partners HealthCare corporate headquarters at Assembly Row in Somerville, Massachusetts, they will immediately understand the breadth and scope of their healthcare mission. In fact, with larger-than-life videos, images and messages, they won’t be able to miss it.

Nominating Company: Aceso Interactive, Inc., Wilbraham, Massachusetts
Venue: Partners HealthCare Welcome Video Wall – Assembly Row, Somerville, Massachusetts
Project: Partners HealthCare Welcome Video Wall – Assembly Row
Category: Business & Government Services

The overarching objective was to visualize how Partners and its member institutions could advance their mission while building a sense of community in their brand new location. A primary goal, then, was to create an all-important first impression upon entering the building while unifying the culture. The new facility unites employees from 12 separate locations throughout the greater Boston area.

The 14-foot-high by 6-foot-wide floor-to-ceiling video display needed to blend in with the look and feel of the building and was designed to be flush with an adjacent glass wall. It needed to be flexible, scalable, eye-catching and welcoming in addition to bringing warmth and life to a very large space.

Inspiring video and billboard-style messaging rotates in a vertical digital display to deliver important, uplifting and meaningful content to staff, visitors, public opinion leaders, the general public, employees from Partners member institutions and other industry professionals.

Initial plans for the video wall called for an array of multiple flat-panel LCD screens. Multiple screen layout solutions were presented. However, each solution resulted in a visual ‘line,’ either horizontally or vertically, due to the screen bezels. This did not align with the visual impact desired.

Another critical aspect of the video wall was that it had to be serviceable from the front as there was no access from the rear. It also had to be less than 5 inches in total depth in order to align flush with the adjacent glass wall.

Challenges with the appearance of bezel lines were overcome by ultimately deciding that only a completely seamless look would achieve the desired impact. After reviewing several LED vendors, the NanoLumens NanoSiim Engage product was chosen due to its slim design and fine pixel pitch of 2.5 millimeters with an overall depth of less than 4 inches. The NanoSiim Engage solution is the world’s first front installable and serviceable seamless LED display in the world.


One of the primary goals in moving employees to a single administrative site was to further unite the Partners HealthCare culture. Through the video wall, Partners is able to connect employees with each other as well as the organization’s overarching mission through storytelling. Videos and compelling photographs help employees to better identify with the organization’s core focus of high-quality patient care, research, teaching and community support in a natural and everyday manner. Partners HealthCare staff and visitors now feel more connected than ever.

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