Fan Activation Zone Creates Community at Mercedes-Benz Stadium


American Family Insurance partnered with Dimensional Innovations to design and build a fan activation zone inside the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in hopes that it would inspire fans to “Dream Fearlessly.” The activation has large photo-op sculptures, an interactive GIF booth and inspirational kiosks for fans to connect with the American Family Insurance brand. This space is the perfect interactive destination to create community inside the stadium.

Nominating Company: Dimensional Innovations, Overland Park, Kansas
Venue: Mercedes-Benz Stadium – American Family Insurance Activation, Atlanta, Georgia
Project: American Family Insurance Activation
Category: Venues & Public Spaces

The American Family Insurance activation can be found on the concourse 200 level of the stadium. The space features a larger-than-life Atlanta Falcons Helmet, an oversized Atlanta United FC jersey and column graphics. Right in the middle of the space. there are inspirational kiosks with downloadable screensavers, a way to learn more about American Family Insurance and more information on getting involved in the Atlanta community. One of the most captivating pieces to this activation is the ever-changing Dream Mosaic. Fans will have the ability to upload their moving portraits (GIFS) to a 14-foot by 18-foot monitor matrix to create a larger inspirational image across an entire mega column for all to see.

What truly makes this space unique is its flexibility. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is home to the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC, and this space proudly celebrates both the football and soccer teams as well as their fans.


One of the biggest challenges came from creating the GIF booth for the Dream Mosaic wall. The hurdles included trying to adjust cameras to find the correct lighting, learning how to use a blue screen background instead of a green screen, and creating a way to communicate to guests on how to flow throughout the booth.

Over time, the Dream Mosaic has become so popular that we’ve needed to streamline the process of the GIFs transferring over to the mosaic wall due to the sheer amount of people engaging with the booths.

The GIF booth incorporated vanity monitors and signage that relayed exactly what the user should do. The team also tweaked the timing of the GIFs to allow enough time to for the user to leave the booth and view the wall. The DI team used two Logitech PTZ Pro cameras to get the perfect angle in the booth and made adjustments to get the correct lighting.

Our tech team created custom programs that allow us to collect info and maintain the traffic of the GIF booths. The software’s capacity has expanded, and it is able to work effortlessly regardless of how many fans are going through the booth each day.

The Dream Mosaic pushes the boundaries beyond your traditional photo booth. It is a way to retain a piece of your community.

The American Family Insurance activation is the most popular photo booth DI has ever created. It is not only the largest in size with the mosaic wall, but it is also the most information and content our tech team has ever sent out via email and phone. Within two short months of opening, there have already been over 8,000 GIFs created.

The user-friendly mixture of static and technology elements encourages involvement and team spirit for both United fans and Falcons fans alike. There is something for everyone in this activation whether they are creating their own custom GIF to share, posing with their family in front of the team’s huge statues, or getting involved in the community with the AmFam kiosks.

“Fans are blown away by the service and experience they get in unexpected ways,” said Scott Jenkins, General Manager, Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

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