Fenway Park Becomes Large-Scale Public Art


As the presenting sponsor of ILLUMINUS 2015 and in collaboration with many artists, Christie Digital transformed the iconic Fenway Park block with large-scale public art and projection installations, attracting 30,000 visitors. Christie’s own content creators contributed to the festival with “Behind The Magic,” showcasing the technical and creative inspirations in projection mapping.

Nominating Company:  Christie Digital, Cypress, California
Venue: Illuminus 2015 at Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts
Project: Illuminus 2015 at Fenway Park
Category: Public Spaces

Who: The Christie Three-Sixty Team
When: Completed October 2015
Where: Boston, Massachusetts.
What: Christie worked with the organizers of the HubWeek/Illuminus festival to provide projection technology to the artists, which included some 50 projectors as well as playback infrastructure. In addition, the Christie Three-Sixty Team authored content for the festival opening banner as well the projection mapping creative titled “Behind the Magic.” Behind the Magic was a creative expression of the technical development of a building into a projection-mapped form and the resulting artistic beauty possible with such a canvas. Using stirring forms of “schematic art,” a dove and moving pixels of color, the resulting creation evoked emotional inspiration while also expressing the technical development for this art form.
Why: Christie remains committed to supporting civic engagement projects that push the boundaries of projection mapping and explore the exciting intersection between technology, artistic expression and live events.

Christie worked with the Illuminus organizers to get the work of some 40 artists across multiple installations that all needed to be technically and aesthetically designed on Lansdowne street structures. There was a convergence of two tractor-trailer shipments and setup as well as warehousing of the equipment. The myriad of installations had to be completed in a single evening simultaneously. The first scheduled dates of October 3rd and 4th were delayed due to a tropical depression that became a hurricane in the vicinity.

The organizers of Illuminus quickly adapted to the late-breaking weather challenge by delaying the festival one week and found warehousing for the large amounts of equipment. The setup was achieved through having a sizeable complement of technicians and projectionists on site to deal with a number of unforeseen design challenges. Christie and their partner were able to quickly ship different lense configurations one day prior to the event.

Boston Illuminus increased attendance from 10,000 festival goers in 2014 to 30,000 festival goers for 2015. It was the most tweeted event in the Massachusetts twitter universe for the duration of the event. The event was covered by media across Massachusetts as well as social media across the nation.

Christie Digital was nominated for a DSE 2016 APEX Award in the Public Spaces category. Jeff Grantz of Materials and Methods also collaborated along with Illuminus organizers and many other artists.

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