FIFA World Football Museum Streams 16 Games Simultaneously


The new FIFA World Football Museum is a celebration of the history of the beautiful game with a focus on the high-tech visitor experience. The museum’s Sportsbar 1904 is a central hub of activity featuring three huge SiliconCore Lavender 1.2-millimeter LED displays simultaneously showing up to 16 football streams.

Nominating Company: SiliconCore, Milpitas, California
Venue: Sportsbar 1904 at the FIFA World Football Museum, Zurich, Switzerland
Project: Sportsbar 1904 at the FIFA World Football Museum
Category: Food & Beverage

SiliconCore at Sportbar 1904

FIFA is one of the world’s most prestigious brands, and the £100 million World Football Museum needed the very best products available in their class. The Sportsbar needed a flagship viewing area with a display and processor solution that can simultaneously show up to 16 streams of football-related content, so no team is left behind. The space can also be transformed for evening conferences with the screens needing to adapt to additional content such as FIFA show reels, advertising and presentations.

For the huge displays required in this central bar, the team specified the highest resolution LED display available at that time, making it the first installation of SiliconCore’s Lavender 1.2-millimeter LED display.

Three 2400 x 1350 resolution screens were installed, which feature the world’s first front service access system with a pixel pitch small enough for space saving in the bar.

Xaver Butikofer, Group Leader of AV-Technique for FIFA World Football Museum, said, “As we are open seven days a week, it was essential that the flagship display solutions could keep up with this level of demand, so high picture quality was crucial, as well as the technical workmanship in front and behind the screens.”

The space required incredibly close viewing angles, and SiliconCore’s Lavender 1.2-milllimeter display was the only technology on the market that enabled this close proximity viewing distance of less than a meter with a 160-degree viewing angle.

The small space behind the bar meant that only a front service solution could be installed effectively.

All technology used in the museum had to meet stringent sustainability standards for optimum total cost of ownership. SiliconCore’s Common Cathode technology enables the screens to use less power and be more power efficient than any other LED manufacturer.

The LED displays were the piece de resistance in Sportsbar 1904.

Butikofer continued, “The fact that we can have 16 TV signals at the same time on the wall is perfect. During live events like Champions League, Sportsbar 1904 is a crowd magnet and it bursts at the seams, so knowing that we can rely on the Common Cathode driven displays, which run cool and enable people to comfortably sit right next to them, is ideal.”

This high-end technological solution has attracted business professionals as the perfect location for daytime meetings, private hire for evening functions and even as a conference suite. FIFA also uses this for entertaining its VIP guests. The direct view LED displays create an immersive presentation environment, and due to the seamless nature, there’s no risk of crucial data getting lost in the bezel. The Sportsbar can also generate revenue through advertising partnerships on the displays.

Slllconcore’s Common Cathode technology has achieved FIFA’s TCO and power-saving objectives by up to 4006.Its extremely low power dissipation and heat generation means no additional cooling infrastructure, which also saves the museum money.

The footfall in the bar has been incredible for the museum’s profile, attracting sports fans from all over the world. Xaver Butikofer concludes:

“For me, the most striking technological feature within the museum is the Lavender 1.2-millimeter pixel pitch LED display from SiliconCore. We are the first to feature these displays in the world, and we are incredibly proud to be leading the way with new and innovative technology solutions. It is high-end systems like this that set us apart from others and has seen Sportsbar 1904 quickly turn to a meeting point for all kinds of sport fans and business people during the day. The outcome of the project has exceeded all expectations.”

AVS System AG – Integrator
Grassfish – Information system
FIFA World Football Museum

SiliconCore won the DSE 2017 Bronze APEX Award in the Food & Beverage category.

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