Fifth Street Towers in Minneapolis Installs Feature LED Wall for the New Breed of Office Worker


The Fifth Street LED Triangle feature wall is a custom-shaped LED tile system integrated within an undulating wood triangle wall concept as part of a large-scale common area redesign. The 3D nature of the feature wall meant that precise collaboration between the architect (Shea), the general contractor (MP Johnson) and the integrator (AlivePromo) was critical to the success of the project.

Nominating Company: AlivePromo, Inc., Plymouth, Minnesota
Venue: Fifth Street Towers Feature Wall, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Project: Fifth Street Towers Feature Wall
Category: Business & Government Services

Zeller Realty’s Fifth Street Towers in Minneapolis wanted to include a unique feature at the main gateway to its building as part of the remake of its entire building’s interior. The two-story wall is highly visible from both the street as well as the interior. The new design is intended to appeal to the millennial generation of office workers who expect a current but stylish use of display technology. Custom shapes were designed and fabricated, and the content on them going forward is to be abstract. The project took about a year to complete from concepts to installation. The LED wall was completed in July of 2017. Content trials will take place over the next three months. It is planned that content will be customized to appeal to 2018 Super Bowl attendees that will no doubt see the feature wall as they travel the skyway to U.S. Bank Stadium.

The biggest challenge was designing and fabricating custom LED triangles to perfectly fit within a 3D undulating wall system. Fabrication was happening in China while the wood wall system was being made and installed in Minnesota. The risk was that the LED triangles might not fit, given the unique nature of the wood triangles. The other challenge was to come up with 4K content that worked well across six different triangles. This is not your typical rectangular screen. Content needed to work across all triangles or individual triangles.

A few rounds of CADS between the architects and AlivePromo ensured a good fit of the LED Triangles in theory. A good installation of the wood system triangles by MP Johnson’s carpenters made it a reality. The main thing leading to success was a great sense of a team effort. All of the partners on the project communicated well, and all had the goal of meeting the level of quality expected by Zeller Realty Group.

– A new dynamic lobby, vaulting it into one of the best in the country.
– A vibe expected by the new millennial office worker.
– A good mix of high touch with high tech. While dramatic, it’s not tacky. It’s first class all the way.

AlivePromo, Inc.
Shea Architects
MP Johnson General Contractors

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