First Interactive Hologram Appears Onstage at CityScape Global in Dubai


We presented world’s first interactive stage-type hologram in Mipim and Cityscape 2015 for the Piyalepaşa İstanbul project’s launch. It was important to make something that comes through and also gives information according to the needs of the visitors. Thanks to this project, the stand became one of the most popular ones.

Nominating Company: Dreambox Visual Communication, Istanbul, Turkey
Venue: CityScape Global, Dubai, Dubai
Project: Mipim and Cityscape 2015
Category: Event Venues & Hospitality

Our client, Polat Holding, wanted to introduce their project to the investors and give them a chance to experience life in Piyalepaşa with all of its facilities. So we offered them the use of hologram technology combined with interactivity. Piyalepaşa is a mixed project consisting of dwellings, residences, offices, hotels and a shopping street so it was important for visitors to be able to get the information about the parts they were interested in. So we tried to maximize the interactivity.

For this project, our aim was to combine the right content and design with the right story and music on a five-meter by two-and-a-half-meter stage. We made the designs according to hologram techniques and combined it with shooting. We also added a virtual reality experience to this. Because of the tight project timings, we worked on the animations first and did the shooting near the end of the project. So the syncing became very crucial for us.

In the shootings, we paid great attention to the size of the presenter (it had to look normal on the stage) and also to the timings in three different languages (Turkish, English and Arabic).
In the VR part, we developed a tablet software where visitors could walk through the project themselves. Because the project consisted of different disciplines, we managed a big team including local and foreigner designers, animators and software developers.

We made an interactive presentation that has two modules. In the first module of the presentation, presenters explain the project with all the details, and at the same time, the visitors can see all the project details like the 3D model and with the photos of the project on the hologram screen. With tablet software developed for the project, people had the opportunity to direct the content of the hologram. The second module of the presentation was the VR part. With this VR, visitors were also able to walk inside the flats in real-time and had the chance to choose the style of the flat. At the end, we presented the world’s first interactive stage-type hologram.

To understand the success of the project, it was enough for us to see how popular the
Piyalepasa stand was in the expos. Bu we also received information from the client that their sales were very good. So we consider this project a successful one.

Dreambox Visual Communication won the DSE 2016 Silver Apex Award in the Event Venues & Hospitality category.

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