First New NYC Subway Station in 26 years gets Digital Signage Treatment


The 34th Street/Hudson Yards Subway Station is New York City’s first new subway station in 26 years. The extension of the 7 line and the development of the station was a $2 billion effort. It is a sleek, modern transit icon that required (demanded) an innovative advertising asset solution.

Nominating Company: Outfront Media, Maspeth, New York
Venue: 34th Street/Hudson Yards Station, New York, New York
Project: Hudson Yards Station advertising solution
Category: Transportation

As compelling as the new station is, Outfront Media was challenged to provide an equally compelling advertising solution commensurate with the grandeur of this new facility and the area development of New York’s Hudson Yards.

Outfront Media had to create a world-class digital experience in an environment 10 stories underground with no cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity in this brand new transit station.

The 34th Street-Hudson Yards Digital Network consists of 24 SmartBoards, all in portrait orientation. Throughout the station, the SmartBoards are installed as either single boards, or placed in close proximity to each other in groups of two or three. The boards are wirelessly connected to each other as well as the cloud and receive wireless content updates. Content functionality consists of the unique ability to synchronize content across multiple screens remotely, leading to cutting-edge new consumer engagements.

The one-of-a-kind digital experience has led to extremely positive feedback from MTA constituents, the ridership and all client launch partners that included jetBlue, Coach, Lionsgate, Turner, Foursquare and CBS.

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