Flip Disc Kinetic Display Alternative to LED Screens


Old meets new for this installment of Digital Signage Connection‘s Installation of the Week. As the caption in the video below says, the rapid product and prototype company known as Breakfast has resurrected the half-century-old technology of flip discs to create a new style of display now available for you to use in real-life campaigns as an alternative to LED screens.

Using an app that enables full creative control and connecting several kinetic display panels, the custom-colored and finished discs spin at close to 30 frames per second in the first-ever modular system of its kind. The Flip-Disc Kinetic Display System can then be told to display everything from weather conditions and celebrity quotes to purely decorative visuals.  

While this could be referred to as a hybrid approach, the solution shares the intention of digital signage, which is to increase the efficacy, efficiency and flexibility of traditional static signage. For more information about mounting hardware and control options for the The Flip-Disc Kinetic Display System, visit BreakfastNY.com. Apparently, the systems were available for pre-order in early December 2016.

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