Florida Intl. University Gives Thanks with Digital Donor Wall


In this application created by Intermedia Touch, the Florida International University (FIU) College of Business Donor Wall Project involves a custom application meant to increase the level of communication and education about the institution’s great supporters.

“FIU COB Donor Wall is an interactive app for the College of Business, and it’s a significant landmark for the institution,” said the Dean of the College of Business.

Nominating Company: Intermedia Touch, Miami, Florida
Venue: Florida International University, Miami, Florida
Project: Florida International University Donor Wall Project
Category: Educational Environments

The project is about the development of a high technology interactive app, which is meant to increase the level of communication and interactions among everyone at the institution. The company, which is best known for specializing in the development of custom applications and interactive technology, creates an app successfully named FIU Donor Wall.

The app has features that are easy to access, and it ensures a high level of communication. It provides a platform for videos, social media tweets and posts, and relevant news feeds in addition to other related updates about the institution.

At Florida International University, when donors would donate a substantial amount of money to the school, FIU would put up a plaque to showcase their donation. To be able to include all the donors, Intermedia Touch developed an interactive software in which FIU can commemorate all their donors, regardless of the amount. Beneficial for the students and staff, the Donor Wall makes everyone aware of how the school is using the funds received.

The user-friendly app has features that make it easy to access, ensuring a high level of communication. The application has different sections such as videos, access to social media, a calendar to showcase future events and programs, and a relevant news feed related to the college, all in a consolidated technological solution.

According to a College of Business student at FIU, this latest project at FIU’s College of Business is “a much needed interactive platform which will enable the college to easily send a message across to its students.”

“The donor wall at FIU’s COB is used to showcase our college’s top supporters,” said Silvia Arrastia of the FIU COB. “Our interactive wall gives students, faculty, staff, and visitors a chance to see what our donors support within the college, as well as the many accomplishments the college celebrates along the way. Working with Intermedia Touch has been amazing! The team is always accommodating and has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you for making our vision a reality, and we look forward to our continued partnership as we grow.”

Interactive tools over time have evolved through the development of collaborative technologies, increasing opportunities for interactive communication across mediums, disciplines, cultures, social classes, and locations. Intermedia Touch interactive video walls include: seamless LCD screens, LED video panels, custom open source video wall software, video wall controller and management software, multi-touch video wall and much more.

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