Fogo Restaurant Brings Immersive Digital Signage to the Table


Fogo restaurant had a new concept where they wanted to create a modern lounge ambiance by integrating a digital experience within their design concept. To meet their objectives, Stingray Business integrated a large screen Mosaic as an essential feature that was complemented by six individual zones of medium size screens and a curated music selection.

Nominating Company: Stingray Business, Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada
Venue: Fogo Restaurant, Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada
Project: Modern lounge and large digital screen Mosaic
Category: Food & Beverage

One of the main objectives was to use the Mosaic for multiple purposes: One was the full Mosaic experience with original content. The second was the ability to show live TV within the Mosaic in a normal 16:9 format while being surrounded by the ambiance.

Another objective was to provide on-site control of the multiple audio and video sources to distribute them across the six zones and/or the Mosaic. They wanted the ability to select different content for different moods depending on the time of the day or week.

The first issue was to synchronize the Mosaic content with the live feed playing in the 16:9 area. Since it was 10 screens, each with a full HD resolution, Stingray had an issue with the weight of the content that was being produced in 4K. Another challenge was creating a 3D Mosaic whereby different screens were installed with different depth to create a texture. Thirdly, providing the customer with complete control of audio/video sources by zone and by Mosaic mode in a bar/restaurant environment in an easy way was quite a challenge.

To address the weight issue for the 4K content on the Mosaic, we had to develop a new format and compression recipe. The ladder required more than 50 hours of lab time and testing to arrive at a fluid and visually optimized result. The solution was comprised of different mount types from different manufacturers to ensure the right level and accessibility for maintenance. In regards to providing the client with full autonomy, we combined industrial automation, hardware and programming with traditional digital signage features such as source selection and content-based external triggering.

By integrating digital experiences with the design concept, Fogo has created a modern immersive customer experience that has positioned this Euro-lounge bar as the premier lounge restaurant of the region.

Stingray Business won the DSE 2016 Bronze Apex Award in the Food & Beverage category.

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