Food Market in Mexico City Embraces LED


We took over a great project in one of the finest buildings in México City and did a tailor-made project in Altezza II Building. We analyzed the design and technical aspects of this open space, and managed to make a cheaper indoor solution with a LED screen that has a pixel pitch of 3.9 millimeters.

Nominating Company: C3ntro Telecom, Paseo de las palmas, Mexico
Venue: Altezza II, Paseo de las palmas, Mexico
Project: Altezza II Food Market digital signage
Category: Restaurants, Bars and Foodservice

The objective was to present and execute the best solution for our client Altezza II. We chose our best technology in order to showcase this project for future clients. Also, the objective here was to improve our cost with a creative solution that could work for other outdoor projects.

In Mexico City, it rains a lot, so our first solution was an outdoor screen, but the cost was too high. So we deployed an indoor LED screen with a technical solution and cover for functionality and savings.

Altezza II LED screens

To get a better cost, we offered an indoor solution that included a special architectonic design.

Our specialized solution impacts the 10.000 people that pass there regularly, we managed to improve the overall cost, and we got more business and revenue from other offices around the building that wanted to get a tailor-made solution with design as well.

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