Ford Mustangs Arrive in India with Help from Airport Advertising


To celebrate its launch in India, Ford came up with an innovative marketing campaign across different media like OOH, TVC, radio and print ads. The Ford ‘GO’es Further indoor campaign focused on the capital of India and leveraged the premium airport environment to position the brand.

Nominating Company: TIM Delhi Airport Advertising Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India
Venue: Delhi Airport Terminal 3, New Delhi, India
Project: First-ever 4D digital campaign for Ford Mustang
Category: Immersive Environments

The objective behind the campaign was that the client wanted to grab eyeballs and showcase the ‘Power of Mustang’ in terms of engine capacity, acceleration, road presence and build. Having a video wall with just a 3D animation or a swanky car video was not enough. They wanted to take the experience to the next level, making it a 4D experience. Also the client wanted to up the brand’s quotient among its target audience by wooing them with breathtaking innovation and by personifying a luxury image that revolves around a niche audience.

The challenge was to ensure that an innovative approach capable of turning heads was implemented for this launch and that it reinforced the brand along with its royal imagery, so we suggested a premium location to create a lasting impact. The media was a DOOH innovation, which required integration of multiple technologies to give a real-time experience of the speed and sound of the car. A CMS that was enabled with trigger base content playout had to be identified. A very limited time from 11:30 p.m. to 3 a.m. for onsite working made this project critical and challenging.

Digital OOH media at the airport was selected. Within that, the large format video wall was the ideal fit for this execution. The T3, Domestic Arrival Horizontal Video Wall already has provisions to elaborate its capability further with sound showers, sensors and more.

Disruptive innovation with a 360-degree experimental zone was created. Motion-sensing technology was carefully selected and installed within existing space constraints of the available digital structure.

To grip an onlooker’s attention, a passerby who stepped on the carpet was welcomed with a gush of air and an evocative growl that the Ford Mustang is identified by. This was achieved with the help of a carefully installed air blower inside the digital wall structure.

The innovation used DOOH as its platform with certain additional elements that made it a four-dimensional experience. A 360-degree experiential zone for passengers with a ‘Red Carpet’ entry was created. The ‘Sound Shower,’ wherein they can overhear the Mustang passing them, was incorporated to ensure that every person felt the car’s presence in the flesh. The digital wall was already large format and would be enough of a head-turner, but the experience was even better as the ‘BLOWER’ attached was designed to give real time feel of a powerful car zooming past. To trigger all these reactions, the team used motion-sensor technology to time the innovation accurately with the passenger motion. The digital wall played interesting visuals of the Ford Mustang and by the time a walker was off the carpet, it switched to an enticing line. The legend makes its way with smoke coming off from either sides.


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