Formetco Celebrates 10 Years of Digital Manufacturing with Industry First Standard 10-Year Parts Warranty


In celebration of ten years in digital manufacturing, Formetco announces an industry first standard 10-year parts warranty on all FTX series digital products. After years of research and analyzing the service history of thousands of existing LED screens in operation, Formetco remains in the forefront, being the first to offer a standard 10-year parts warranty at no additional cost. Reflecting the impressive lifespan of Formetco’s FTX series LED digital billboards, the new 10-year parts warranty gives customers an added level of confidence. This new warranty is in addition to the standard 10-year brightness warranty that is already included with all FTX series boards.

“By combining Formetco’s 10-year brightness warranty with our 10-year parts warranty, we guarantee our product’s performance and provide our customers with a product that will cost substantially less to operate over a 10-year time period than other products available in the market today,” notes Jock Gibb, Vice President of Sales for Formetco.

Leading With Industry Firsts
With nearly 50 years of billboard industry experience, Formetco continually leads the LED industry by introducing new advancements in LED technology year after year. Formetco’s engineering team is always striving for top performance levels by developing innovative designs that result in numerous industry firsts.

  • Formetco was the first to offer a standard 10-year parts warranty.
  • Formetco was the first to offer a standard 10-year brightness warranty.
  • Formetco was the first to design fan less, low maintenance LED screens.
  • Formetco was the first to develop 100% sealed power supply enclosures.
  • Formetco was the first to offer environmentally cooled LED screens.
  • Formetco was the first to introduce the advanced optical design, DALO (Down Angle Light Output).
  • Formetco was the first to provide a single bin LED screen.
  • Formetco was the first to introduce LED screens that do not require calibration.
  • Formetco was the first to provide a power supply with a 700,000 MTBF, nearly eliminating all power supply failures.

Industry First Fan DALO Optical Design
DALO (Down Angle Light Output) is Formetco’s patent-pending optical design that focuses the vertical light down. The use of DALO lowers the operating temperature and reduces the electrical cost.

Lowest Operating Costs in the Industry
Formetco’s FTX digital screens deliver the lowest overall operating cost in the industry. Formetco continues to impact digital companies, resulting in competitor price drops and warranty adjustments as they follow Formetco’s lead. When you compare Formetco to other industry leaders, you will find these cost savings:

  • Formetco provides the lowest operating cost.
  • Formetco has the lowest long-term maintenance costs.
  • Formetco has the lowest spare parts cost and the lowest tile upgrade cost.
  • Formetco’s advanced optical design, DALO (Down Angle Light Output) provides images that are 30% or more brighter without an increase in power.

Formetco builds exceptional digital billboards made only with the highest quality components available and designs them to operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

About Formetco, Inc.
Atlanta-based Formetco, Inc. is the world’s largest full-service outdoor advertising supplier. With nearly 50 years of outdoor innovation, Formetco offers all outdoor advertising needs, from LED digital billboards, entertainment boards and sports scoreboards to billboard installation hardware and safety equipment, all designed for reliability and efficiency. For more information about Formetco, please call 1-800-FORMETCO or visit

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