Formetco Installs the Two Largest Digital Building-Top Signs in the Southeast


ATLANTA January 16, 2019 — Formetco, the nation’s leading outdoor advertising manufacturer and supplier, partnered with Georgia’s Own Credit Union and DeNyse Companies to complete a custom installation of the two largest digital building-top signs in the Southeast. Placed 432 feet above ground, the two LED video display boards measure 20 feet tall by 174 feet wide and are the first of this magnitude in the region.

The project was complex and required multiple teams, engineers and industry experts. Lifting the display materials to the desired locations required specialized helicopter assistance and commercial-grade hoists secured from the building’s rooftop. Due to the risk associated with the work involved, Formetco held daily safety meetings to ensure the highest-level of worker safety. DeNyse Companies, a full-service architectural and commercial signage company, led the project alongside Georgia’s Own Credit Union and worked with Formetco, Skanska and Zeller Realty Group to ensure a successful installation.

“We are the first in Georgia to install digital building signs of this size; the scope of the project was completely unprecedented. From conception to installation, the project required knowledge and resources from multiple contractors,” said Jeff Holley, project manager for DeNyse. “Formetco was a key player in this project. After receiving bids from several LED companies, we selected Formetco because of its reputation, high-quality products and locality.”

Formetco supplied two identical LED video display boards for placement on either side of the 100 Peachtree building. Both were strategically positioned to leverage the unique visibility the building offers.

“We are proud to have our headquarters back in downtown Atlanta and engage the community through this unique connection point,” said Kelly Garmon, Chief Marketing Officer for Georgia’s Own Credit Union. “These state-of-the-art signs will give us the opportunity to serve the public good, celebrate our city’s history and welcome visitors in creative new ways.”

The not-for-profit display boards are scheduled to feature community-oriented messages, promote charitable events and support the city of Atlanta’s growing business landscape and entertainment endeavors.

“We are honored to be chosen for such a monumental installation that will change the city of Atlanta’s skyline as we know it,” said Britt McConnell, Formetco’s southeast sales manager. “Atlanta is Formetco’s showroom, working with Georgia-based companies on this extraordinary project was incredibly fulfilling. After two years and seven months of planning, everyone involved is beyond excited to see our work lit up.”

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