Formetco’s LED Technology Outperforms Competitors


Formetco’s LED digital screens outshine the best LED’s available. The largest full-service supplier in outdoor advertising, Formetco features an exclusively designed and manufactured light-emitting diode (LED) in all of their digital billboards, video screens and sports scoreboards. This LED is created by using the latest in LED technology, incorporating an innovative optical design with the highest energy-efficient LED components, a larger LED dye (16 mm for blue and green and 15 mm for red) and 99.9% gold coated wire bonding. The dye and gold wires are enclosed in premium quality UV resistant epoxies. Formetco’s LED design outperformed competitor LED screens, proven in advanced long-term and accelerated aging tests. With these performance results, Formetco confidently became the first LED supplier in the industry to offer a 10-year Brightness Warranty.

Lowest Electrical Operating Costs
Formetco’s FTX digital screens deliver the lowest electrical operating costs in the industry. Their unique patent-pending design produces brilliant images that are 30% or more brighter without an increase in power. The design focuses the vertical light dispersion down by 15% towards the viewer, known as Down Angle Light Output pattern (DALO). The use of DALO provides 30% more light to the viewer while effectively lowering the operating temperature and reducing the overall electrical cost. This is compared to the traditional LED that directs the light output at or above the horizon, which is out of the viewer’s sight and wastes 50% of the light output.

LED light degradation is caused by heat, UV light and humidity. A special chemical composition with stable UV resistant additives are used to minimize the effects of sunlight on the face of Formetco’s LED screens. Todd Heller, Vice President of Digital Products for Formetco, Inc., says “the real test is in how the LED screen manufacturers design their product to minimize the effects of these factors. Formetco’s FTX LED screen uses less power than our competitor’s LED screens and dissipates heat more efficiently. Our LED screens operate at a lower temperature than traditional LED screens that require high maintenance fans. With Formetco’s LED screens, our lower operating temperature equals a longer operating life.”

Sealed Components – No Fans
To minimize the effects of humidity, Formetco’s FTX LED screens are built with electrical components that are completely sealed without any air exchange directly to the electronics. Formetco uses thermally conductive material to dissipate heat by radiation, instead of forced-air generated by intake fans. Forced air from fans continually pushes high humidity air and contamination directly onto the electrical components, causing premature failure.

With a wide range of LED products available today, Formetco’s FTX LED screen uses only the highest quality components and is designed to operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The unique technology in Formetco’s FTX LED screen offers exceptional performance at a lower cost.

About Formetco, Inc.
Atlanta-based Formetco, Inc. is the world’s largest full-service outdoor advertising supplier. With over 45 years of outdoor innovation, Formetco offers all outdoor advertising needs, from LED digital billboards, entertainment boards and sports scoreboards to billboard installation hardware and safety equipment, all designed for reliability and efficiency. For more information about Formetco, please call 1800-FORMETCO or visit

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