Four Tips to Attract Attention with Digital Menu Boards


The restaurant/hospitality industry is an ever-evolving and exciting yet highly competitive space that food lovers and entrepreneurs love to play in. In South Africa, new restaurants are watched closely  as the likelihood of them folding is apparent in these trying times. For this reason, restaurants must think of ways in which they can attract customers to their food and drink offerings, get foot traffic and entice customers to return.

If your restaurant provides patrons with an exciting, delicious menu filled with food you are proud to serve, you (as a restaurant owner or manager) must think up creative ways to entice customers into your space to try the food you so lovingly thought up and put together. This is where Digital Menu Boards come into play.

No longer exclusive to quick-service and takeaway joints, Digital Menu Boards can be situated in various areas in your restaurant, catching the eyes of hungry humans looking for their next bite to eat. Here are four ways in which you can make the most of Digital Menu Boards and use them for more than just displaying pictures of food:

  1. Use Your Digital Menu Boards to Upsell: We are an indecisive bunch when it comes to what we want to eat. Digital Menu Boards give you the opportunity to suggest food and drink pairing, upsizing and additional starters, desserts and side options. Upselling is great for the customer as they get more than they bargained for, and it’s great for the owner as upselling will increase revenue. It’s a win-win situation..
  2. Use Your Digital Menu Board Space Wisely: It is easy to place your entire menu on the board thinking that this will give your customers more variety when ordering, but a cluttered menu board may be too overwhelming for some, which could cause decision abandonment. Use the space wisely by showing specials, new menu items and bestsellers instead of every single menu item available.
  3. Use Your Digital Menu Board to Display Additional Information: In an information-hungry society, using your Digital Menu Boards for more than simply showing your menu items will leave your customers not only full and satisfied, but informed too. Content suggestions for your Digital Menu Boards include nutritional information, ingredients and restaurant history. You can also use it for advertising other companies and  therefore paying off your software and hardware in no time.
  4. Use Your Digital Menu Boards Creatively: Digital Menu Boards are no longer just about a picture of the food on offer and the price. These menu boards are dynamic and attractive to the eye, and this is a space where you can get creative. More and more digital signage software packages are  allowing you to not only upload imagery, but videos too. This tells a brand story entertains your customers while they wait for their food.

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Jessica Wilkinson is the marketing assistant at The tech company based in Cape Town provides a Point of Sale and Digital Signage Solution to the retail and hospitality industries in PageMan Digital Signage Software. This software offers restaurants and quick service establishment owners a Standard Edition package from as little as R125 per month which is suited to the needs of those running individual or chain restaurants.

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