FULL BROADSIGN WEBINAR: Ad Revenues without the Ad Network? An Intro to Programmatic for Digital Signage


Summary: Now that programmatic has made its grand debut into digital signage, networks can take advantage of this new technology to offset costs and fund projects even if ad revenue is not their priority. But how should network operators get started? In this webinar presented by BroadSign Product Manager Jody Smith, you’ll learn how programmatic is shaping the digital signage industry as well as how your network can get ready for this next step in addition to some common misconceptions surrounding programmatic.


BroadSign Product Manager

Speaker Bio: As BroadSign’s Product Manager, Jody Smith holds a broad technical background that he uses to design and implement solutions that help to achieve the goals of BroadSign customers. Smith joined BroadSign 13 years ago and has since become the company’s preeminent product authority due to being the technical lead on some of the largest and most successful digital signage deployments. He has years of experience speaking at events across the Americas and Europe.

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